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Al-Sharq for Trading Al-Damam Hotel MJ YEMEN CORPORATION For Petroleum Field Services, Trading Agencies General Logistic and Advertising Fuad Ahmed Ahmed Salah Hadhramout Global Logistics Mohammed Lutf Aslan Abu Mohamed AlShiebami Computer & Stationery Jamal Thabet Tahere Anam AZAL CO FOR ENGINEERING CONTRACTING Abdul Karim Kassem Al Rohany MOHAMMED MOHAMMED AL MUSAIBY AL YARMOOK FOR TRADING Al-Hikma Corp. WAVES CO FOR TRADE SERVICE Yemen Co For Technical Service Abdulla A. Al-Sunaidar For General Trading Al-Huriah Hotel Hatem Trading EST YEMEN ISLAMIC BANK FOR FINANCE M H B Ismail Mutahar Dirham Al Ghuli Al Aghil Trading Co Ltd SANA'A MINERALS MANUFACTURING CO AL MOTAKADEEMA CORP Seina for Trading Al Askari For Trading Shammakh Systems & Computer Saleh M. Al-Ezzani Trading Est. 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Al-Thurya For Fabrics Al-Rwaime for Trading & Exchange Musallem Trading Corp. (Dano) Yemen Kuwait Bank For Trade & Investment Ramzi Photo Lab. Y Phone Al-Hobaishi Trading Group For Selling Hardware Al Sawary Bros Trading Co Al-Srary For Trading & Contracting Aden Hospital Hotel Das President Al Yemeni Center For Print Col Film Funduq al Hilāl Al-Adel Exhibition RAZORFISH SOLUTIONS SCS Nagi Mohammed Al Gidri Hussein Ahmed Hussein Al Giraf Mathkoor For Trading Aiman Trading Co. Yemen Italian Aluminium Co. Ltd. Bin Haban For Trading Stores Al-Rehab for Travel & Tourism & Haj & Umra Services Ali Abdullh Hadi AL-Hobaishy Stores Arabian Horizons Travel & Tourism Al-Murshedy Trading Stores Al-Dleel For Real Estate and Public Services Mohammed Ali Al Ganati Al-Atlal For Import & Export Alk Hashidi Corp For Trade Contracting Jotun Yemen Paints Co. Ltd. King Plaza Hotel Yemen American Mfg. & Trading Co. Ltd. Taiba Printing Rodha Nory Asalam National Exhibition AL HAMZY CORP FOR TRADE INDUSTRY B.P. Al-Hedaia for Importation Co. Al- Raiby For Granite & Marble Shenzhen Gozuk Co., Ltd Al-Salam Plaza for Furniture Flat GENERAL GAS CORP. Gulf Agency Co. (Yemen) Ltd. Al-Faher Stationery Al-Dana Center for Computer & Language FURNITURE PALACE CARAVAN TRADING MARKETING CORP Abdullah Abdullah Al Aolafi AL MAKALIH Mohammed Hussein Al Hatta AL MIMINI CO FOR SERVICE AGENCIES Hommadi For General Trading Funduq al Ḩudaydah Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al Kufaily FADEL SALEH AL HASHIDY CORP Green Island Center Al-Muslaa Clothing Ready Mohammed Ahmed Al Ashwaal Saiban Co. AL GOHARY CORP FOR TRADE CONS Al-Thyany for Trading AL OSHIBI NATIONAL CO FOR TRADING A/Aziz M. Saif for Trading Yahya Abdullah Al Kassar National co. for Sponge and Plastic Industry Mohammed Mohammed Gaabel Al-Thobhani for General Trading Al-Warafi Houses for Gen. Trading & Imp. CALTEX YEMEN Modern Arabic Co Yement Co For Trading Sheraton Sana A Hotel Hameed Salah Fadel Al Hashidi Aden for Advertisement Al-Huraish Travel Agency Hashem Mohammed Sons Stores ALI BEN ALI ATTAR STORE Advanced House Eest. Trading & Contracting Al-Saed Trade. & Gen. Services Co. Al-Girsh for Trading & Marketing SANA'A PLASTIC ALUMINIUM CO Ali Kassem Abdullah Al Mughraby Balfaqih Trading Stores Falcon rent a car LUVVITT® AL SURMEE Yamamah Agencies Ali Abdo Mohammed Al Ghazaly A/Wahed M Noman & Sons YEMEN CHINA CO FOR INDUSTRY FURNITURE Napoli Decoration Exhibition Al Muteer For Construction National Co. for Sponges & Plas. Ind. Co. Ltd. Nasser Mansoor Bros Asafdi For Trading Contracting YEMEN UNITED GROUP CO LTD Abdo Bisher For Trading Samsung Agency Nasser Akil for Trading & Marketing General Transport Corp Al-Ghwezi For General Trading NASSER ESTABLISHMENT Brash Co For Trade Agencies SOFAN TRADING HOUSE Al-Salam for Trading & Agencies Est. AL MOHDAR CO FOR DEV CONSTR Mohammed Hamood Al Mutarreb SALEH AHMED AL MARAABY ABU MUSKA CORP FOR TRADE CONTRACTING Arab Insurance Company Al-Rowaishan Est. Universal Trading Al-Nama`a Trading & Contractors Funduq al Aḩqāf Mohammed Abdo Ahmed Atayar Mohammed Salah Awad Mansoor Ahmed Abdo Sinan Abdulrahman Othman Al Kabatli MAS FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL AL SOLIMANI FOR GENERAL TRADING AL RABI AL GAMI SOLAR MANUFAC CO Taher Exhibition For Trade Contracting AL MADAFAR FOR TRADING Opticals House Bin Hariz Center & King Furniture AL ZAKIR SONS BAN YEMEN CENTER Al-Wali Son For Trading Al-Seel & Al-Mas Travel & Tourism Co. BRITISH CONSULATE GENERAL Al-Maznai For Curtains Abdull Hussein A.Nabee YEMEN CHINA CO Audha Trading Store Al-Mustqbal Co. WATANI BANK FOR TRADE INVESTMENT Ahmed Mohammed Al Ghariri Sallah Ahmed Al Baradoni Shihab Insurance and Trading Agencies (YEMEN) Ltd. Al-Aghil Trading Co. Ltd. ABU IBRAHIM AL BABLI BROTHERS CO Hodeidah Shipping & Transport Co. Ltd Ali Abdulla Eshack Trading Stores Sofian Ahmed Nagi Al Ghaiti Al-Guaidy for General Services Al Esuhi For Trading Ouseiran Electric Stores S S FOR LIBRARY COMPUTER SYSTEMS ALAWY SALEH AL KIRBY Union Trading Center (UTC) YEMEN COMPUTER CO LTD Al Khader Trading Store MOHAMMED ALI AL MAKARI AHMED ABDUL ILLAH AL AGHIL BROS Horoof Translation Bin Abdulhabib Est. for Exchange Funduq al Ghayḑah AL MURSHID CENTER FOR TRADING Hageeb Travel & Tourism Agency AL THORE RED BRICK FACTORY AL BABLI CO FOR FOOD MANUFACTURE Al Sindi For Trading Scentifiec House for University Books Al Sunidar Exhibition For Trade Naid Co Ltd For Trading Jarman Bros. for Investment &Oil Field Services Co.(Ltd) Al-Rahman Al-Ba`ae for Exchange Mercure Sanaa Hotel Aska Al-Maghrebi Abdul Kassim Mohammed Al Zubieri Shammer Hotel & Suites Al-Saadi Trading Stores Al Saeeda For General Trading Agencies MARIB CORP FOR TRADING DEVELOPMENT Gabri Salam Ali Thabet Ahmed Mohammed Sumaid Ameen Yahya Sarhan Al Garadi Yemen Int`l Express Services AL-Rawdah General Trading Agn Co. Bin Hatrash & Bros. Co. Al Goolis Trader for Trade and investment VOYAGES AU YEMEN Lebanon Center for Fashion & Beueaty MOHAMMED HASSAN LOTF AL ZUBEIRI INDO SUEZ BANK Al-Ameed Perfumes Ashorook for Invest. & Real-estate Al-Akhwa Tourist Hotel Calyon Corporate & Investment Bank UNITED INVESTMENT TRADING CO Al-Ghannami Co. for Trading & Ind. Omer Salah Ali Al Mugazo Mareb Exhibition Al-Rashed Tdaing Center Al Rurkami For Trading Elaf Int`l Travel Agency for Haj & Umra Al-Angazi Travel & Tourism & Haj & Umra HOAS FOR TRADING Al Nagar Exhibition For Trading WORLD OVER INT CO LTD FOR TRADING Aden Furniture Al-Mesbah For Electric Al-Rashed Trading Center Yemen Continental Hotel Abdul Hussain A.Nabee Sowaid for Trading PEACE CORP Al-Fajr Computer Korain National Oil Company Funduq Bilqīs Al-Naseeb Center For Cars Accessories Al-Alimi Cars Accessories Moktar Mohammed Ahmed Al Barti Al Mofathal Off - Set Printer Mohammed Ali Sowaid & Sons THE NATIONAL BANK OF PARIS OFFICES CREDIT BANK FOR HOUSING Al-Naser Exchange Corp. Al-Hayal Trading Stores Al-Amal Travel & Tourism Al-Babkry For Fabrics Nayif Ali Al Muznaee A/Al-Razeq Trading Company Daod Company Tufiq Ahmed Salah YEMEN KATAB FURNITURE FACTORY As Saroory Exhibition Al Dia Co For Trading Ltd Abu Hashim Trading & Importers Al-Iskander Trading House SAIF AHMED NOMAN AL KHAMIRI Funduq ar Rawḑah Hadda Co For Electrical Contracting Abdullah Latif Ahmed Adabili Sudfaa Al-Ameed Stationery Al-Magidy Trading & Agencies Abdulqawi S. Al-Aemery For Exchange United Yemen Shipping Co. Abdullah Hakeem Saeed Thabet The Prince Exhibition Abdul Ruhman Aziz Atta Abdullah Ahmed Al Awami Abdo Saeed Ghaleb Al-Nagashi Ali Abdo Rahman Al Dubaai Funduq al Burj Ismail Abdul Karim Al Ameer Al-Khamery Motors Red Sea Tourism Hotel A.M.H. For Trading HARASANAT SANA'A Aden Optical Dar Sam Hotel Sunrise for Training and Consulting Al-Mahros Uniform Exhibit MOHAMMED ALI AL YEMENI All Seasons Exhibition Arif Mohammed Ali Universal Transports MAEEN CO FOR TRADE CONTRACTING Al-Sabaya Stores Al-Jaeedi General Services Mohammed Yusif Asad Brothers Mohammed Abdullah Abdul Razzak Al Ghalasi NATIONAL TRADING CO ( NATCO ) Queen Arwa Hotel FedEx PIECE OF AL KODS Al-Kuraimi Exchange Co. Mohammed Saleh Al Mawri Saleh Nasser Awadh Abdul Tawab Saeed Abdo Ahmed Abdullah Aseed Al-Eidaros For Trading Stores Al-Robeidi for Aluminum Kitchen Nashwan for General Trading Al-Oloub for Trading AL AHWAL GROUP Al Hany Co For Trade Agencies Ali Abdulla Al-Hubaishi Stores Yemen Computer Co. Ltd. Anwar Aden Trading Stores Al Showafy Showroom Bashafa`e for Haj & Umra Services Al Rumaish For Agency Trading Funduq al Jund Ali Hussain Taher CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS GROUP Abdullah Hamood Al Hussaini Al-Ghalpi Trading For Cars Spare Part Jalap Bros. for General Trading & Inv. Al-Lawzi Group Mohammed Mahoub Kahtan Asluee Al-Husn for Trade & Marketing Aman Insurance Company Shaher Trading Co. Ltd._Avery Aman Veterinary Manufacturing Company Jarallah Stores Super Technology Taha Hussein Al Hamdani Ghamdan for & Services Al-Maselah Tourist Hotel AL AZAZI EQUIPMENT COMPUTER INFORMATION CENTER Elephant Bay for Shipping & Gen. Serv. ABDO ATAWAB SAEED Ahmed Mulhi Al Awady Yemen Co For Motors Ltd Kingdum for Telecom Perfume Factory Bin Jamal Trading Stores Mohammed Salem Store Al Mansoori Engineering Co Al-Antary for Mobile & Electronics Al Miqda For Engineering Contracting Muthanna Kayed Al Muraisy Al-Hakmey Trading Stores MANSOOR ABDULLAH AZAGIR Al-Hashmi Stores For Gen. Trading Fadaq Trading Stores (CHIGO) TAJ SHEBA HOTEL Matloob Abdullah Hodesh Al-Salam Trading Center Ghazy Shayef Mohammed Saeed Yemen International Food Industries Co. Mohammed Mohsan Al Dari Yemen Gaglar for Door & Kitchen PVC Ind. Specific Agent Office Ba Saba`a For Contractor Trading General YEMEN SIPPING TRANSPORT CO. LTD. Kanineh Oilfield Services Al-Saifi Co. for Exchange TARIQ MUSTAFA ABDUL KARIM BAZARA International Sana'A Trading Co Yemen Co - Op Contracting Co GREEN GROUP FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADING AL HAMADI PHARMACY Al-Thobhani General Trading Ningbo Tower Industrial Co., Ltd Hotel Ponteo Activity Park Rusovce Bratislava Mohsin Ali Al Haggagy ADNAN OILFIELD SERVICES Al-Jabal Travel & Tourism Agency Funduq Imbāsādūr Abo Khaled For Trade & Contracting Abdulrahman Al Hadiya Noori Hasson Al Aggy Muqbal S.M. Dhalee NABORS DRILLING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED-YEMEN Hanin Exhibition for Uniforms Mohammed Abdullah Al Farah AL-Noor for Printing and Paper Production CO. Mutahar Aida Muqtar Al-Rehab Perfumes Moh`d A. Al-Bakry Fadaq Sky Net Moh`d S. Sadan Houses Ameen Ahmed Shamsan YEMEN CO FOR TRADING MARKETING KHALLID ARAABI EXHIBITION FOR TRADING Marhaba for Perfumes Rooma Hotel A/Malik Al-Gabzy Trade. & Market Saleh Muthanna Al Garady AL BUNIAN FOR TRADING Asaida for Trade Agencies & Projects Funduq Ḩaḑramawt Island Sound Corp Al-Watani Store for Decoration Yahya Abdul Aziz Al Hamani Ameena Ali Abdo Al Harazy Amoudi Plaza Hotel Sheraton Gold Mohur Hotel & Resort Aden Al-Baraka Center Sadiq Thabet Al Ariki Al-Shogiffi For Modern Clothes Al-Abas Fpr Trading Livin Residence By Flemings Abu Salem Stores Al-Waseet Abdullah Nasser Al Kaood Al-Huribi & Al-Rabiai Nasser Hussein Saleh Al Zabeedy Trading Store Badiah Electrical Tamim Saleh Fares AROWNI STORE CHEVRON YEMEN INTERNATIONAL CO LTD SHAMER TRADING STORE M. Taqwa For Sale Building Materials Towfiq Ali Ali Ashaq National Shipping Co. NBI LTD Anis Optical AL HAYTHEM FOR TRADING Nasser Ali Zayady Elaf Travel & Haj & Umra Services Mohammed Kassim Yahya Salem Muhmoud Taher Al Raimy Mohammed Salah Omer Al-Gazera Library Kassim Ahmed Rashid Yemen Co For Trading Tech Proj Supermarket Al-Kheer ABDUL GHANI AL YEMENI CO FOR TRADE Abdul Rahim Saeed Al Borgy General Mill Work Corp. Sam Shipping & Projects (Aden) co. ltd ALGAMAL TRADING INVESTMENT CO Yemen Granite Al-Quary Tufiq Ali Ali Ishaq SmarTech Trading Co. Ltd. Al-Hajaji General Trading Co. Ltd. Jalap Bros for Trading and Investment CO. Al-Tahiry Trading AHMED SALAH AL ZUBIERI Al-Mudafar Medical & Gen. Trading Corp. Zyas Stationery Ceramica Radfan Lebanon Ladies Uniforms Ali Asgar Fadhle Abbas Amran Store Al-Saeed Co. For Manufacturing Concrete and Contractor NASHER FOR GENERAL TRADING AGENCIES Mohammed Saleh Ayedh Al-Maged for Contracting & Trade. HASCO SHELL MARKETING YSC Al-Majed for Trading Learn Web Design Training in kolkata Al-Saadi Trading Group AL-Amanah for Electrical Equip. Al-Qanaa General Trading Stores Bahaj For Fibber Glass Gamil Exhibition For Trading AL MERHABI EXHIBITION FOR TRADING Funduq al Kūrnīsh Al-Mudafar Medical & General Trading Corp. Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom Al-Afaq Stationery Taha M.A. Anam Tarding Est. Dahhan Hizam Abdullah Yahya Mohammed Al Garf YAHERE AGENCY FOR SANITARY Tilal Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. ABDULLAH MUQBEL EXHIBITION Click It United Insurance Company - Al-Mukalla Branch Middle East Factory Youth Leadership Development Foundation Universal Travel BIN HASHEEM PARTNERS CO Shawqi Trading Est. Reality Consulting & Research Yemen Al-Rashed Supermarket MOHAMMED ABDULLAH SALEM AL OLAGI Hassan Abdo Corp For T Industry Dar El-Fikr Bookshop Abdullah Saleh Awadh Greenfield. Sana'A Int Trading Agency The Yemen Kuwait Bank For Tarde & Investment Abdul Hakeem M Abdul Wasa Bin Samaid`a Honey Center Castle Furniture Aidarus Al Saqaf Family Home Photo Ali Hadi A. Al-ghadhi AL OLAQI EXHIBITION Abdul Wahab Saleh Al Kholany Abu Marwan Trading Est. AL-GARMANI Trading Corp Al Hawry For General Trade Bagersh for Trading AL HASHIDI FOR TRADING CONTRACTING Patra For Technical Industry Mohammed Hussein Al Safi Kadas Tower for Ind. Tools & Workshop Eq Smart Eyes International LLC (SEI) Ahmed Lutf Ahmed Al Quruti AL RASHID OFFICE TELEYEMEN Zamzam Exhibition Abdul Wahab Mohammed Kaeeba Al-Aulaqi Trading Stores GALANSIA FOR TRADE AGENCIES Shihab Insurance & Trading Agencies (Y) Mohammed Ali Al Ansi AL ASHWAL CO INT CO FOR TRADING AGENCY Ali Jaber Al Shawani AL HAJAJI FOR TRADING Al-Ra`fah Agency for Haj & Umra Services ATLANTA TRADING AL MOARID CORP FOR TRADING AL RUADA EXHIBITION FOR GENERAL TRADING Elephant Bay Bureau for Shipping & Gen. Serv. Gamal Maki Abdullah Baa gheel for Trading Central Bank of Yemen ISHAK TRADING AGENCIES MOHSIN MOHSIN AL DAFARY Ali Ahmed Ben Ahmed Al Riyashi Ibn Yassin Stores for Trading & Imp. Ardh Himiar Trading Exhibition Al-Saeed Trading Co. Ltd. ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL COURIER Mohammed Salah Mohammed Araaini GAHAISH AGENCY FOR GENERAL TRADING Gulf Photo Lab. Paris Flowers Saleh Yehya Abdullah Al Badeh Ali Abdullah Ghanem Al Kumaim Al-Saadi Tourist Hotel Abu Akram For Trading Elaghil Trading Co. Ltd. HORIZON AGENCIES COMMERCIAL SERVICES Khaled Abdul Karim Lutf Amry Al-Mansoub Trading Stores Asharq Masaood International CO . Ltd ARAB AVIATION COMPANY LTD Al-Amin Tourism Hotel Sarran for Trading and computers Yemen Company for Flour Mills & Silos - Hodeidah Ahmed Abdo Al Nagger Abu Khaled Corp. for Trading Saeed Saif Thabet Sheba Palace for Furnished Apartments HUSSAIN AL SHAHARY BROS