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National Co For Poultry Service Mohammed Ali Hasson Al Hawati International Auto Company ADHBAN GROUP OF COMPANIES AHMED ALI AL SULAMANI Migun Yemen The Prince Exhibition Europcar Al-Huribi & Al-Rabiai Stars Optical Al Noor Trading Co ABDULLAH MOHAMMED SUWAID Hussein A.A. Qawi Gulf Yemen Shipping Co. (GAC) Aden Saeed Saif Thabet Stars Corp Co For Trade Constr Al-Kashmi Trading Stores Ba_Nafea Office Import & Export Al Gazira Agency For Trading AL ROBAIDI SPAREPARTS National Travel Bureau Ali Mohammed Al Sabry Woolen Pioneer APTECH Education Abu Khaled For Electronic Al-Kabous Industrial Trading & Inversment Group Zaglool Abdo Al Karim Bazara Central Bank of Yemen AL SAKKAF FOR TRADING CONTRACTING Ahmed Mahub Al Ghumaai Al-Sahaa Commercial Furniture Abo Zeiad For Spare Parts Al-Shifa for Yemen`s Honey & All Nat. Oils Yemen Saeed Office Dirhem Saeed Fara Al Mudhagi Shawqi Trading Est. sigma company for trade & develpment of industrial construction ltd Arabian Co. for Inv. & Tourism Ibn Al-Haitham Optical Al-Khiwl for Travel & Tourism Sam Electronic Co. Ltd. Ibrahim Sharaf Al Mutwakil MOHAMMED ABDULLAH AL HOBAISHI Al Kassim Agency For Trade Ahmed Munasser Al Hashidy AL GINATEEN MILK FOOD CO LTD International Engineering Co. Hamdi Ahmed Hamood Al Robaidi Alnogoom Hotel Al-Kholaify Stores for Ceramic & Brick Victory Commercial Group Abdulla Ali Yosof Al-Yamamh for Trv. & Haj & Umra Services Taher Hussein Mohammed Al Sunaai Moh`d A. Al-Shibani & Sons Stores Al-Warafi For General Trading Stores Ahmed Ali Mohammed Nasser Al Fagi Exhibition For Trading Shaif Ahmed Al Mawi MARIB CO FOR TRADE SERVICE Al-Gurafi For Trading & Car Spare Parts Hussein Kamil & Sons Stores YAHYA HUSSEIN AL AHMAR CORP AL MUTAHAR AGR ENGINEERING CO Welanco For General Servics & Trading Al-Rehab Perfumes Uni Smart Salah Ahmed Maree Al Madani For Engineering Construction Shammer Hotel & Suites Yassin A/Aziz & Sons Mohammed Mutana Ali Gabir International Furniture Center Mohammed Saleh Ayedh Hussein Saleh Al Gannaty Al-Bustan for Furniture YEMEN FOR TOURISM TRADING A. C. A Occupational Health & Safety Resources Inc. 26 September Hotel Alsanaani Places Sam Industrial Supplies Al Rumaish For Agency Trading Pure Green Coffee Bean Max Extract ABU IBRAHIM AL BABLI BROTHERS CO Fath Al Rahman Office Ahmed Abdo Al Nagger Mansour Trading Stores YEMEN JET TOURS Aden Hospital Hanin Exhibition for Uniforms iCare Maternity Clothing Co., Ltd Saeed Al-Hubaishi & Sons AL AHWAL GROUP Al-Mashgari for Exchange COMPAGNIE GENERALE DE GEOPHYSIQUE (CGG) Mohammed Salah Mohammed Araaini MADKHUR FOR TRADING ZAID AL QOBATI CORP Bashar Trading Store ALI ALI AHMED ISMAIL Emirates Building Systems Al-Bureihy Typical Hospital Saeed Isa Ahmed Zabeedy Al-Sabaya Stores Yemen Paper Bags Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Ameen Ahmed Shamsan AHMED AL SHATIBI CO FOR TRADING Noori Hasson Al Aggy Ahmed Hussein Al Harazi Al-Roni Trading Al-Noor Stores For Cars Spare Parts Saeed Ahmed Salem Al Hakimi SALEH ALI SALEH AL KOM Mohammed H K Ahmed Muqbel Mohammed Al Muktary MOHAMED SAIF THABET GROUP Ibn Al-Haitham Optical AL MOHANDIS CO FOR CONTRACTING Al-Mansoora Trade Center Dalsan for Exchange & Int`l Transfer Mohammed Abdullah Wahab Brothers Nhyan For Cars Salah Alawi Al Hutam Yemen Co - Op For Service Healthcare Yemen Industrial Bank Al Deeba Center Al-Hayal Trading Stores Al-Saeed Trading Company General Transport Corp CALTEX YEMEN Lawzan for General Trading Al-Saed Trade. & Gen. Services Co. HAMEED HASSAN RIZO AL WATARY Abu Ibrahim Ali Al Yemany Al-Badani For Trading MOHAMMED ISMAIL AL MUAID Brothers Trading Agencies Al Zubieri Co For Cement Marketing Moh`d Abdo Sharf for Trading Shihab Insurance and Trading Agencies (YEMEN) Ltd. Al-Wala for Sanitary ware Yaeesh Trading Store Arsh Bilques Hotel Abdo Rabo Salah Al Rahni SAQAL FOR TRADING Al-Salam Plaza for Furniture Flat As Saroory Exhibition Orient Factory for Tiles & Marble TUBOSCOPE Al-Saeed Trading Co. Ltd. Shammakh Systems & Computer Al-Salam for Trading & Agencies Est. WAVES CO FOR TRADE SERVICE Al-Zawm For Trading Ref. & Air-cond Ghorbanco Corp National Trading Company Ltd. Natco Al-Rawhani Marble & Factory Yemen Trading & Construction Co. Abdul Hameed Mohammed Nagi Al Hagib Co Noman Abdo Thabet Al-Saifi Co. for Exchange Al-Dubani For Sanitary & Ceramic Saba Store for Trading Millano Furniture & Curtain Ramco Engineering Co Ltd Yemen Home Adv. & Gift Items United Insurance Al-Gurafi For Spare Parts Stores Hassan Yassin Trading Center Al Garaf Trading Store Al-Jabar Trading Stores Al-Hammadi for Cleaning & Pest Control Abdul Mallek Mohamed Ahmed Mommad Awed Al-Shaepi Al-Hammadi For Ready Cloths SAFETY TECHNICAL SERVICES Mass Advertising Yemen Al-Madani Transportation & Tourism Co. AL BUNIAN FOR TRADING International Shipping Co. Ltd. Alhadha Trade & Agencies Est Arabian Horizons Travel & Tourism SAFETY AUTOS Bamarouf Group (Suzuki Yemen) Samsung Agency Almanal For Services and Commercial Facilitiece Mohammed Hussein Al Hatta Mohammed Abdulrab Al Muflehi Yemennco General Services Al Baka For Trading Sea View Plaza Hotel Abu Sami Stationery Al Nahdeen Corp Al-Zajel for Telecomm. Bin Affif Hotel Al Asad Store Tamara Center for Gen. Trading & Electronics Nashwan for General Trading Al-Kabous Trd. Agency (Al-Manar Candles) LIGHTHOUSE FOR TRADE AGENCIES Al-Hayal Trading Stores Al-Faisal For Business Corp. Al-Srary For Trading & Contracting AlJazeera Computer World Computer Co Ltd Abu Marwan Trading Est. Mohammed Kassim Yahya Salem Al Shahor Exhibition National Supply Stores ABDULLAH MUQBEL EXHIBITION SAIF AHMED NOMAN AL KHAMIRI Ali Moh`d Al-Herwi Trading Stores Arabian Co For Trade Projects ABDUL GHANI SALAH AL OWADI Al-Rashedy for Trading Balfaqiah Computer Musleh Nasser Al Gholi Abdullah Hassan ALsonidar & Sons Group Baa gheel for Trading Sun for Travel & Tourism Abdul Wahed Ahmed Mukebl HAMEER CO FOR TRADE INDUSTRY Al-Sheibani For Electrical Mohammed Kassim Sultan Ashamiri Al-Mutarreb Enterprices Salahaddin Industries Al-Thoria Travel & Tourism Al Farawy For Contracting Trading Fathalrahman Trade. Stores Paris Tower for Electric MISLON CORP FOR TRADE AGENCY Gharan Al Wasabi Co Yemen Company for Flour Mills & Silos - Hodeidah Mohammed Anam Saeed Al Fudali Rooma Hotel National Bank of Yemen Al-Wadeey Stores YAHYA AHMED AL DEEB Abdullah Ali Rafiq Allah Thabet Sons Company Abu Salem Stores Aska Al-Maghraby Trade. & Dec. Abdulrahman Othman Al Kabatli Sun bakery equipment company AlMalak Kindergartens YEMEN INTERNATIONAL FOR AGENCIES ABDUL KHALIQ ABDUL WAHID AL HUSSINI Middle East Co._Metco Borg Al-Sheikh for Mobile ABDULLAH MOHAMMED FAHEM A/Wahed Mohammed Nomaan & Sons Saba Islamic Bank Al Otmani Office For Contracting THE HONEY CENTER Abdo Al Mageed Hameed Al Hatami Golden Corner Exhibition Al-Sawary for Sanitary ware Al Farat Ltd Al-Salam Int`l Travel & Haj & Umra Al-Gandari Clothing Stores Mohammed Ali Hizam Al Gabiri Husain Ahmed Al-Sunaidar Co. Al-Kadasi for Marble & Granite Intercare Yemen Co Ltd Thadamon International Islamic Bank Muqbal S.M. Dhalee Al-Gazeirah Hotel YEMEN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE INST YEMEN ISLAMIC BANK FOR FINANCE FALCON EXPRESS ( FEDEX ) AL MARKIZ SEVEN CENTER Al Taheri Modern Factory Al-Wrafi for General Trading Stores Alashwal commercial and industrial Group Sky Net Taher Trading Contracting Store Ali Hageb Mukbel Al Hashidy SHAMLAN MINERAL WATER CO LTD AlSaeed Trading Company MOHAMMED HASSAN LOTF AL ZUBEIRI Al-Amoudi For Int`l Shipping Falcon rent a car Al-Hadha Exchange Co. Bin Al Mutahar Oil and Gas Services Al Esaai For Trading Al-Saadi Fashion International Tyre Center Elephant Bay for Shipping & Gen. Serv. Al Rehabi Corp For Trading Catah Cadas Co. Al-Mansob Trading Stores Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Amoodi EMRB Yemen (Eferest Market Research Bureau) Nabeel Tahere Salah Al Maqaleh OIL TOOLS INTERNATIONAL MOHAMMED AHMED ABDULLAH HIZAM Al-Salahia Plaza Hotel Arabian Office for Trading & Investment Salah Abdo Al Kowee Al Yafi JEADS MASOOD CO LTD FOR TRADING Aden Photo Lab. Kassim Ahmed Rashid Al Kuba Exhibition AL SUNIDAR GROUP OF COMPANIES Bin Dyan for Gen. Services Al-Houssen For Steel Company Ltd YEMEN CEMENT CORP Ahmed Hassan Abdullah Al Hadda Mohammed Nasher Al Kerbash Al-Rahma Drugs Trading Co. Alk Hashidi Corp For Trade Contracting Rami Ready Clothes GENERAL ENGINEERING SERVICES ALMANSOORI SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING LTD-YEMEN COMPUTER INFORMATION CENTER Ahmed Al-Barty Trading & General Agencies Fuad Ahmed Ahmed Salah Abdullah Saleh Bahgoog The Yemen Bank For Rec. & Dev. Al-Kathiry for Trading Bahaj Abdulrahman Atta Al Wadi Co For Trade Invest Korain National Oil Company Catah Cadas Co. Al-Amal Exhib. For Auto Spare Parts ROWAISHAN INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT CO LTD Ouseiran Electric Stores MASS CO FOR ADVERTISING ARTISTIC PRODUCTION ALI ABDULLAH LUTF ZUBEIRI Al-Shabah Paints Al-Jazeirah Center Al-Husn for Trade & Marketing Abu Sami General Trading Al-Marani Trading Stores YEMEN MINERALS MANUFAC CO LTD Alashaby National Corporation Al Aghil Trading Co Ltd Mohammed Ali Al Ansi HAYEL SAEED AMAAN PARTNERS CORP Lucky Printing Press Assobol Trading Store ABDULLAH YAHYA AL MAHBASHI AdSaign AL SUNIDAR FOR AGENCIES ABDULLAH AWAD BARASHID Al-Dhiaya Stores For Electric & Build. Mohammed Ali Zeaad FIRST INTERNATIONAL FOR TRADING Al-Dway for Trading, Construction and Oil Services Al-Awami for Trading WATANI BANK FOR TRADE INVESTMENT Mohammed Ali Shared Abu Bady Abu Akram For Trading Al-Garash for Trading Al-Faher Stationery Al-Maselah Tourist Hotel RAZORFISH SOLUTIONS Germani For Computer Yemen American Mfg. & Trading Co. Ltd. Al-Istigbal Home Textiles Collection & Furniture Est. ABDULLAH MOHAMMED ABDULLAH AL THORE Saba Islamic Bank Mohammed Mohammed Al Wazir The Yemen Kuwait Bank For Trade & Investment Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia Limited Nassr Ali Ziad Corp. Ali Abu Bakar Banaga Arab Insurance Company AL HUBEISHY FOR GENERAL TRADE Yemeni Club Of Communication and Computers The Adeny Store Nasser Hussein Saad Adeen World Ref. & Air-conditioning Abdul Hakeem Nasser Ali Al Kumim Abdul Gabar Hassan Al Qatab Al-Jafri Electric Stores Mohammed Mohammed Al Hadramy Mitsubishi Co Al Kalifi Exhibition Al-Mustaqbal Stores for Buid. Material HasKan ltd. Eimar For Ready Mix. Concrete & Contr. Ltd. ELAGHIL TRADING CO Al-Rehab for Travel & Haj & Umra Services MOHSIN MOHSIN AL DAFARY ABU AMER FOR SAFETY SERVICES & TRADING AGENCIES ARAB AVIATION COMPANY LTD Comm. Information Center Yaffea Royal Hotel Hussein Al Sufari Aden Gulf for marine services Gulf Agency Co. (Yemen) Ltd. HUSSEIN AL KABOOS AGENCIES FOR TRADE AL FAROOQ FOR TRADING Abdullah Mohammed Saif Al Kadasy HUSSAIN AL SONIDAR FOR GENERAL TRADE Yemen Sayoon Trading Co Al-Naseiri Building Material Stores Salah Thabet Al Esaai Adnan for Printing & Publisher Ali Ahmed Al Deeb HORIZON AGENCIES & COMMERCIAL SERVICES (HACS) Sam City Hotel Ardh Himiar Trading Exhibition Al Gashani For Travel Tourism Al-Sharq for Electrical Sufian Exhibition Ali Abdullah Al Kasar Reem Tourist Hotel & Restaurant AlHamedi Trading Century Language Center Al-Harmeen for Exchange Abdullah Omer Al Zabaidi Bin Yamin Est. for Trading Abdul Ghani Kaid Ali Al Waqidi Chongqing Kailian Yongrun Instrument Co., Ltd. Orbit Travel & Tourism Ali Ben Ali Salahem Corp Samman Ali Al Rony NASHER FOR GENERAL TRADING AGENCIES Aden Optical Al Tadamona Co Al-Gazera Tower Hotel OPEN DOORS FOR TRADING G H Ltd Mohammed Hassin Muharram Al-Ula Al-Redha For Trading Al-Falak Computer Accessories Borg Al-Dhaifah Tourism Hotel Al Absi Brothers For Trading ABDUL KADIR MOHAMMED GHARMA Atahar Exhibition Al-Bori For Electronics Al-Bukari Shipping Co. Ltd. Al-Shami for General Trading Thahab Shil for Exchange Al-Boraq Travel & Tourism AL REHAB Al-Qadisyah Company for Computer and Technology Al-Hassob House Mohammed Salah Al Zubieri Al-Maha General Trading Group Yemen Desalination Packing Co Al-Saifi Co. for Exchange Ali Gabran Al Ansi Abdo Abdo Al Gobani Ziad Mohammed Abdul Bageed Nagi Hussein Mohammed Fath Al Dubaai Abdul Ruhman Ismail Ghamdhan Mohammed Salah Al Mufazar PIECE OF AL KODS Al Muka Center For Trading Abduljalil Radman For Trading & Ind. Co. Ltd. Al-Naser Exchnage Corp. Green Yemen Shipping Co. (S.Y.C) Aden Universal Trading & Investment Co. Ltd. Gulf Paints AL RUADA EXHIBITION FOR GENERAL TRADING Ali Ahmed Shaalan Ali Hadi A. Al-ghadhi Ali Musaed Obad Al Aggy Mohammed Mahoub Kahtan Asluee YEMEN CHINA CO Abdul - Aziz Ahmed Al Hemyary Al Gannaty Showroom AL FARHAN CORP FOR TRADING Al Mohaqri Export Airport Hotel Al-Rehab Perfumes ADDAR WEB PAGES COMPUTERS Electricity Home for Electrical App. BANGKOK ROYAL COUNTRY CLUB BUILDING MOHAMMED SAEED AL SHUTFA Al-Saeed Agency for Haj & Umra Services Al Eman Mohammed Muslaeh Galoom Abu Nabeil for Trading Ahmed Ali Nasser Ramadhan Al-Abid Medical Supp. Co. Ltd. Ashorook for Invest. & Real-estate AL FAKAIH TRADING IMPORT EXPORT Salem Abdulrahman Bajersh & Sons AL HAYTHEM FOR TRADING Al-Hadi Ahmed Al-Qawi Shamil Bank of Yemen & Bahrain First Center Trading Al Bakari Exchange Silver & Ornament World AL AWADI CENTER Al-Muslla Clothing Ready Al Wahada Co For Cement Marketing AL IQBAL FOR TRADE CONTRACTS Al Khader Trading Store A/Jalil Radman for Trading & Ind. Co. Ltd. Assofy Showroom Al Nahr Al Khallid Exhibition Al Miqda For Engineering Contracting United Agencies For Swiss Watches Bangladesh ReadyMade Garments Wl-Mustaqbal Stores for Buid. Material Al-Rafidain Trading Corp. GAMAL PARTNERS FOR PROJECTS Bahdi Trading Stores AL GHARASH FOR TRADING Abdo Rabo Salah Kahtan Ben Azzan For Electronics Lebanon Center for Fashion & Beueaty Ladies Private Investigation - PIYemen Al-Harthy Trading Co. Mommtaz For Translation TITERIAC YEMEN CO Wool Master ARAB DIGITAL AGENCIES MTN Yemen Ali Moseed Yusif Al-Waseet Abo Nabeil for Trading ARABIC CORP FOR TRADING Al Hashedi For Contracting Ahmed Hassen Al Haddad Mareb Co For Blocks Roofing AL ANSI BROTHERS FOR GENERAL TRADE AGENCIES Bin Wahas Trading Stores Consulate General Of The Republic Of Italy Kadas Tower for Ind. Tools & Workshop Eq Al-Ameed Stationery City Center Hotel Mohammed Hamoud Mohammed Al Sallal YEMEN EXPLORERS CO Abdul Aziz For Spice General Industries & Packages Co. Ben Hashem Partners Co Ali Abdullh Hadi AL-Hobaishy Stores Al Hattah For Electrical Stationery Equip Al-Kabous Industrial Trading & Inv. Group Calyon Corporate & Investment Bank UNITED CORP Shaiaa Saad Al-Mattari For Trading Bin Awadh for Trading & Marketing Al-Shahba`a for Trading Al Kadi Shop For Trading Sunflower Export Import Pvt Ltd Al-Yarmook Tourist Hotel & Restaurant Hameed Abdullah Al Ahmar Kahtan Trading Store Ahmed Abdulla Al-Sheibani Group Shaher Trading co Ltd - Distributors for Avery Bawazir Exhibition Al-Alam Industrial co. MARIB TRAVEL TOURISM - AMERICAN EXPRESS Makkah Int`l Transport Co. GABER ALI GABER AL RAHABY Ali Mohammed Hamood Al Hibari Al-Saeed for Exchange Al Keer Office For Agencies Gabri Salam Ali Thabet Mohammed Mohammed Gaabel Al Saka Agency For Trading Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Al Fath For Marketing Cement Al Mufzar Co For Import Export Perfume Windows Yahya Abdullah Al Kassar Dhamran Supermarket Royal International Travel Click It Yemen Company for Industry and Commerce Ba Saba`a For Contractor Trading General AL KUMMTY FOR INT BUSINESS AGRICULTURE Al-Gabery Trading Swiss Watch Hempel Hadda Co For Electrical Contracting Happy Trading Exhibition Tufiq Ahmed Salah Hussein Abdul Wahed Al Amry Royal Taiz Hotel SANA'A GLASS BLOWING FACTORY Al Wagi For Trading Modern Electrical Center Universal Travel Ahmed Abdo Al Naggar Trading Ali Mohammed Salah Al Bakri Anoor For Adv. & Printing Office TELEYEMEN Al-Barakh Center for Center Moh`d A. Bamarei Trade. Est. General Mill Work Corp. Asalam National Exhibition AL GAZI FOR TRADING Hassan Mustafah Bazara Al Mansoori Engineering Co Al-Qimmah for Electronic Salah Hussein Lamis Corp Abdullah Al Musbahee Bin Abdulhabib Est. for Exchange Abu Dahis Stores Horses Travel & Tourism ABU GHAZALEH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ( AGIP ) Hussein Mohammed Yehya Gaawan Al-Khaleeg for Computer & Lang. Center Abdullah Hamood Al Hussini MAREB FOR TRADING INVESTMENT CO Al-Qarshi Exhibition Khawarezmi Computer Technologies Middle East Trading Co. (METCO) AL ZUBIERI STORES FOR TRADING Al-Kassim Trading Agencies Yehya Ahmed Al Bably Al-Hubishi for Trade Stores ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL COURIER Loyalty For Trading Al-Hammadi for H. Cleaning & Pest Control Abo Adel For Trading & Agencies Gamil Exhibition For Trading Hommadi For General Trading Kadas Tower for Ind. Tools & Workshop Equip. Zain Monam Harif Al Rafahi Ayash Trading Stores Abdo Al Malak Hamood Hamood Sadiq Thabet Abdo Saleh Ismail Al Hodafi Al-Mattary Stores Al-Hashmi Stores for Gen. Trading Saleh Hussain Balfaqih Trading Stores Zyas Stationery AL MANNAR CO FOR TRADING LTD FARUQ MOHAMMED AL HERWI Dahhan Hizam Abdullah Yemen Co. for Paint & Derivatives Mohammed Ali Sowaid & Sons Overseas Shipping & Stevedoring Co. Al-Hussein For Electric. Crescent Hotel Aden Al-RAHABI TRADING AND INDUSTRIAL GROUP Mohammed Salah Mohammed Al Nagashi Mohammed Yusif Asad Brothers World Light Electric Appl. & Cable Corp. Mohammed Abdullah Abdul Razzak Wasser Mohammed Al Gashani Royal Aden Hotel Yahya Hassan Al Dois BUSINESS CONSULTANTS YEMEN PETROLEUM SERVICES Al-Gazera Library Saber Hospital A/Wahed M. Nomaan & Sons Perfect Center For Training & Development Yemen Honey Center Al Musaid Corp For Trading Island Sound Corp El-Mustaqbal Stores for Buid. Material Al-Thobhani General Trading Al Aziz Empire HORIZONS CONTRACTING CO Ghamdhan Maximum Telecomm (NOKIA) Sarran for Trading and computers The National University Ahmed Bin A Dalal General Trading Al-Shuhud Contemporary & Yemen Honey AL ATTAR CORP FOR TRADING Nasser Akil for Trading Al-Nwars Coast Hotel Napoli Decoration Exhibition Salah Matna Abdo Al Kalaq Mohammed Ahmed Al Ashwaal Al Habel Exhibition For General Trade Abdul-Wahed Mohammed Noman & Sons Al-Matthani For Clothing Al Hadi AlAmal For Cosmetic Teeth Brothers Media Abdullah Ahmed Mohsin Gormooz SANA'A UNIVERSAL CO AL GAHAMI FOR TRADING Yemen Gate Institute for Training Elaghil Trading Co. Ltd. Raksel Center Al-Fareed for Trading Al-Rais for Marketing Amad Al Madli Co Abdullah Mohammed Al Watari Mohammed Salem Al Shibha Mohammed Ahmed Saleh Al Amin Trading Store AL MOTAHAR CO FOR CARS ENG Balfaqih Trading Stores Youth Leadership Development Foundation Adhwa Al-Maala Mohammed Saeed Abdo Al Otiri Monsoor Ahmed Al Awadi Arcoma Company Universal Travel & Haj & Umra Services Al-Kabous Trading Agency_Al-Kabous Tea Aslam Al-Rwaea for Gift & Novelity Al-Atteri for Trading Al-Rimalah for Steel Bin Samaid`a Honey Center Sheibani Shipping & Clearing Corp. Mohammed Ahmed Saleh Al Bahlooly Al-Majeedi For Electric CENTER FOR STUDIES COMPUTER Consolidated Contractors International Co. Yemen KHALED EXHIBITION FOR TRADING AL HAGEB CO FOR CONTRACTING Al-Hssani Trading Stores Mohammed Nasser Alagi Osean Shipping & Transport Alawadi Exhibition European Center For Art & Design Al-Kholani Trading Company Vinicia Office Al-Qimma for Decoration Shabab Al-Jazeera Ali Mohammed Yahya Al Qahtani Bin Hafaiz sale Spare Parts AL NAHDEEN MINERAL WATER CO LTD Al-Amal Travel & Tourism Al-Gabery Paint Center Salah Bin Musaeed Al Azani Abdul Lateef Al Kinani Ishak For General Trading AL-Sarmi for modern industries Al-Damam Hotel Quraish for Printing Services A WAHED MOHAMMED NOMAN SONS EST - THE POPULAR STORES EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF ITALY Al-Rashedon for Invest. & Constr. Co. MOHAMMED HASSON LUTF AL ZUBEIRY MAREB DRUG CORP Taha M.A. Anam Tarding Est. International For Trading & General Contraction Caltex Tourist Hotel HUSSEIN SALAH AL ZUBIERI National Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd. AL KULIBI FOR TRADING CONTRACTING SALEH AHMED AL MARAABY AZAL POULTRY CO LTD Al Hashedi Corp For Trade Contracting Al-Jabal Plaza Hotel Al-Danah Center For Computer & Language Haider Mohammed Al Harazy Jannah Hunt Oil Company S S FOR LIBRARY COMPUTER SYSTEMS Abdullah Hamood Al Hussaini Mohammed Saeed Al Bushari Sons Union for Exchange Arabian Horizons Travel & Tourism ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL COURIER ATLANTA ENGINEERING SERVICES COMPANY MOHAMMED ABDUL HALEEM Al-Asbhi For Silver Assulaihi For Trade Al Taher Stores Mohammed Ali Al Gannaty Al-Eidaros For Trading Stores AlMusawa MOHAMMED AL ROBAIDI CONSTRUCTION Castle Furniture Al-Shifa Al-Yamni for Honey Oasis Travel & Tourism AlBatool Tourist Hotel ABDUL HAKEEM ABDULLAH AL BEDANI Arifaai For Contracting Hawilat clinic Al Hudhud Co For Trade Industry AYNUR NISA SISMAN DENTONE DENTAL PRODUCTS Al-Kthiri Mobile Yemen International Engineering National Dairy & Food Company (NADFOOD) Saba Stores For Trading Al-Tattr Stores University of Science & Technology Oscar Center Abdulghani Ali Al-Herwi Trading Stores Bahaj For Fibber Glass Al-Badani Stores Group Bruge General Trading Co. Oil & Gas Services Mansoor Mohammed Noman Al Sagheer Emirates Tower Phone YAHERE AGENCY FOR SANITARY Al-Noor Optical Abdul Nabee for Optical DAYBREAK Al-Saaqi For Clothing Ready World of Ref. & Air-Conditioning Al-Sharfi for All Kinds Paints AL AKEEL CO FOR TRADING LTD Salem A/Rahman Bajersh & Sons Est. The Hodeidah Shipping & Transport Co. World Light Corp. ATAHERE FOR TRADING YEMEN ALUMINIUM CO Hams Al-Warood Elaf Int`l Travel Agency for Haj & Umra Taha M.A. Anam Trading Est. Ambassador Hotel Al Thore Co For Trade Industry Al-Jubahi Int`l Haj & Umra Services Al-Hindi Trading Est. Islamic Bank of Yemen Al-Salam Agro Co., Ltd Al-Masrag For Curtain & Furniture Al Rodah Trading Co Ltd Seina for Trading AL MAHA CORP FOR TRADING King Travel & Haj & Umra Services Mohammed Ali Ali Salah Al Mazani Mini Market Swift eLearning Services Al Salahi Corp For Trading Al-Kthiri Mobail Al-Amer For Electronic Abo Akram Foundation for General Services (Real Estate - Investment) Yementecs Trading Co. Ltd. ALI AHMED SALAH MOZID Bahaj For Fibber Glass Al Nahdha Co - Op For Trade Island Development Co Ltd Al-Seel & Al-Mas Travel & Tourism Co. Red sea company Al-Mansoob Trading Stores Al-Mattari Stores ARAB CO FOR HOTELS YEMEN SIPPING TRANSPORT CO. LTD. AL MASERI CO FOR TRADING Al-Kathiri for Trading ZAHRA CORP PARTNERS Mohammed Abdullah Al Hubeishy Ali Nasser Muslah Brothers Hamoud Sharaf Al Hag Queen Arwa Hotel Saba`s Yemen Insurance M H B Ali Hussein Hagar ALI MOHAMMED AL HUBARI SONS Al-Batool for Trading AL NASSER CO - OP Commercial Zone Marketing Center MOHAMMED THABET AL SORMI ALAWY SALEH AL KIRBY Adbhan Real Estate Construction MOHAMMED ALI ABDULLAH AL MAHAKRI Intracs Middle East Ltd. Jarallah Trading Corp MOHAMMED ALI AL YEMENI Ali Abdullah Eshack Trading Stores Computer House Center Ali Ahmed Al Wageeh Al-Atlal For Import & Export Ahmed Al-Sharafi Stores PEACE CORP Kaid Ahmed Obad Rodha Nory Al-Mutarreb Enterprise Abo Khaled For Trade & Contracting Al Amana Car Exhibition National Co. for Sponges & Plastic Ind. Co. UNITED ENGINEERING AUTOMOBILE CO LTD Moh`d A. Thabet Al-Herwi Stores AHMED MOHAMMED NASSER Musallem Trading Corp. (Dano) HASCO SHELL MARKETING YSC Al Hushaishy Trading Store Akan Yemeni Co For Trading FADEL ABDULLAH AL HOSSINI Ardh Himiar Trading Exhibition INTERNATIONAL UNION CO FOR CONTRACTING Bahrain Tourism Hotel Sinaan Salah Ali Al Rumi Family Home Photo Elaghil Trading Co. Ltd. Racks For Computer & Language MOHAMMED ABDULRAHMAN AL MATARI Yemen Gulf Bank Samir For Electricity Al Shawafi Yemen Rubber Mfrs. Co. Mufaddal Trading Stores Matloob Abdullah Hodesh AL MIMOONI FOR TRADING AGENCIES Hameed Salah Fadel Al Hashidi YEMEN CO FOR TRADE CONSTR Al Bonian For Trade Ibnalhaj Trading Group Mohammed Abdullah Ashatibi Al-Ahram Co. for Modern Tesh Info. Al Muhait Corp For Trade Contracting AL HUSSEINY AGENCY Hassan Abdul Malek Al Bashiri Baobeid Trading Elephant By Beach Resort AGRICULTURE CO - OP CREDIT BANK Saeed Mohsin Yehya AL SONADAR RED BRICK CO Aden Millennium Maritime services Abdullah Zimam Dahhan Wahhas SOFAN TRADING HOUSE Al-Amudi For Electrical Ghaleb Bin Ghaleb Stores ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE JC Equipments Heat Exchanger Manufacturers India Al-Shaibee for Exchange NATIONAL BOOK MANUFACTURING CO SINA STORE National Traders Yemen Shipping & Transport Co. Ltd Ahmed Muthanna Al Ghariry Al-Harthy Trading Co. Ba-Awdah General Trading Eternal Yemen Yemen Co For Real Estate Al Yemen Asaeed Al-Yarmook Tourist Hotel EAST CO FOR TRADING, INDUSTRY ADVERT Al-Robaee For Trading Yemen French Co Al-Rashed Trading Center Bahaj AL AZAZI EQUIPMENT Sallah Ahmed Al Baradoni Ahmed Hamood Al Musibi Al-Asaleh Uniforms Zubieri Power Systems Co. Al-Halal Shipping Co. (Yemen) Ltd. AL WAZEER CO FOR TRADE MARKETING Al-Lawzi Group Yahya Hamood Al Robaidi Al Dahfer Exchange AL BAKRI FOR TRADING Al Yemen Co For Trading Industry Al-Rehab Perfumes Al-Mayoni for Trading Services HOME OF MEDICINE FOOD Aden Gulf for Marine Services Co. Mohsin Ali Al Haggagy AlGhannami Group of Companies Ahmed Salah Zubeiri Sons Bin Sanad For Computer & Language Abdul Kassim Mohammed Al Zubieri AL RAFEDIN BANK Sadiq Thabet Al Ariki Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank Development Office For Contracting Deera group INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS GROUP ( IBG ) ROYAL GROUP AGENCIES AND Oil Field Services Ltd Yement Co For Trading Amran Store HORIZON AGENCIES COMMERCIAL SERVICES Mohammed Yusif Asaad Brothers Int`l Office Supplies Center Al Taifi For General Trading Aden Co For Trading Dev Ltd Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed Group Aiman Trading Co. Al-Ameed Perfumes Safilo Int`l Optical Perfect Services Jarallah Stores