Local Sales Obstacle Discovery Targets: Norfolk Island

This page shows SalesSalvage's 30 local sales obstacle discovery targets of this area both in map and names. You can change the area or category by clicking here.

  What is a Sales Obstacle?   Why do Sales Obstacles matters?  
  A sales obstacle is the reason people who considered buying something from you decided not to complete their purchase.   Another important statistical fact is that, on average, only 0.5% of web site visitors turn into sales leads. Only 25% of online store shopping carts are checked out for actual purchases. The same applies to online stores, other premises, and to online products.  
  Your organization will keep on losing sales -- even from thousands of potential buyers, and perhaps for many years, until your sales obstacle is removed.   Every organization always has multiple times more people that are 'just browsing' than who will turn their intention to buy into a completed purchase.  

Discover and fix the reasons why you are losing sales and you can quickly and effectively increase your sales by converting more non-buyers into actual buyers.

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