Local Sales Obstacle Discovery Targets: Botswana

This page shows SalesSalvage's 12,470 local sales obstacle discovery targets of this area both in map and names. You can change the area or category by clicking here.

  What is a Sales Obstacle?   Why do Sales Obstacles matters?  
  A sales obstacle is the reason people who considered buying something from you decided not to complete their purchase.   Another important statistical fact is that, on average, only 0.5% of web site visitors turn into sales leads. Only 25% of online store shopping carts are checked out for actual purchases. The same applies to online stores, other premises, and to online products.  
  Your organization will keep on losing sales -- even from thousands of potential buyers, and perhaps for many years, until your sales obstacle is removed.   Every organization always has multiple times more people that are 'just browsing' than who will turn their intention to buy into a completed purchase.  

Discover and fix the reasons why you are losing sales and you can quickly and effectively increase your sales by converting more non-buyers into actual buyers.

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The Grand Palm Hotel Casino & Convention Resort Cresta Thapama Sun International Hotel, Casino And Conference Centre Sedia Hotel Gaborone Sun Hotel Chobe Marina Lodge Peermont Mondior Hotel In Gaborone Hotel Metcourt Francistown Cezar Hotel Peermont Walmont Gaborone Cresta Mowana Safari Resort and Spa Boteti Hotel Ngoma Safari Lodge B L Moalosi's Enterprises (pty) Ltd T/a Boteti Hotel Gabarone Sun Peermont Walmont Hotel Zarafa Camp Adansonia Hotel & Conference Centre Palapye Hotel Cresta Marang Gardens Cresta President Cresta Hotel (head Office) Peermont Metcourt Francistown Gabs Hotel Wifi Cresta Lodge Mainland Shopping Centre Village Shopping Centre Kagiso Shopping Centre Lesedi Shopping Centre S B C Shopping Centre Legae Shopping Centre National Stadium lionpark.co.bw wharic.co.bw modiinvestments.com solutionworx.co.bw debswana.bw mvafund.bw greatcoveragenow.com mrveg.co.bw gabswave.net agpump.co.bw nbfira.org.bw okavelectron.com oratravelgroup.com zebranetadsl.co.bw esg.co.bw 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Glo (pty) Ltd Reuben Primary School Super Gas Kelly Wye (pty) Ltd Mak Construction Mr T Workshop Postnet Francistown Elephant Back Safaris (pty) Ltd DUST/AL SIDE PTY LTD Tiplane Wholesalers DISTRICT OFFICE AL-BANDAR ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD SEROWE SUB-LAND BOARD KANSAS CITY SMALL GENERAL DEALER AND BUTCHERY Motswedi Securities (pty) Ltd G45 Paje General Dealer Giftworld Etats Unis Steward Motors N M A CONSULTING (PTY) LTD Kalahari Buttons Company Ruwona Ak And Sons Express And Tours Kgalagadi Plastic Lite House Holdings (Pty) Ltd Ema Fresh Produce & General Dealer Mogoditshane Medical Surgical Centre Swiss Chalet NAUROSE INVESTMENT (PTY) LTD J M SALES Wimpy CELESTIAL VENTERS (PTY) LTD S D T INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD Saps Electrical FAMILY FABRICS SECTIONS & CEILINGS George's Pub & Grill Paper Merchants Jims Farm Supplies (pty) Ltd G4s Security Services (botswana) Limited NORTHERN PANELBEATERS Amber Glazing Triple R Restaurant Cambrian Advisory Services WAY SIDE GENERAL DEALER SELECTION WORLD Lekgaba Pottery & Ceramics Dr GS MAIPOSE ISBORN FASHION DESIGNERS BOTSWANA BREWERIES (PTY) LTD Ultra Graphics Maphanyane Investments RON MAR ENTERPRISES Claims Assessing Services Mall Service Centre C I D Letlhakane Global Care Specialists Cleaners A D S Stationery FESTOM (PTY) LTD M J's Car Wash & Windscreen Repair Centre EHES CONSULTING ENGINEERS Botswana Power Corporation ELGON HOLDINGS Mma Monnawatdla Thusanyo Funeral Services Angela Industrial Textile Mega Tyre Co (pty) Ltd Tswelelo (pty) Ltd Just Construction (pty) Ltd Lampies Auto Shop Fantasy Creations B J CONSULTANTS (PTY) LTD General Manufacturing (pty) Ltd Cut Price Cash & Carry Mogonono Guest House SAM MASUNGA & ASSOCIATES VIRAT PHOTO STUDIO QUARRIES OF BOTSWANA JUNIOR CHAMBER BOTSWANA Barclays Bank Of Botswana Ltd MOLATENG INVESTMENTS Adventure Africa Mac's Seconds BOTSWANA INTERNATIONAL CHURCH OF CHRIST Pre-school Toddlers Academy KGOTSO LE THABO MILLS UNIFIED REVENUE SERVICE Four S Investments (pty) Ltd Bulk Jeans Services Qualified Accounting Motorglass Botswana (pty) Ltd Radiators Botswana (pty) Ltd Auto Spark Radiators (pty) Ltd MOSHABA DEVELOPMENT Vicorhem Construction Satellite Guest House M T Agencies (pty) Limited (branch Of Exact Exhaust) MATLHO BONA PANEL BEATERS Thebe Phatshwa Air Base BERNARD INVESTMENTS THIRD DIMENSION CONSULTING TSHOMARELO GENERAL DEALER AVI ENTERPRISES Independent Electoral Commission (headquarters) RONNY'S PHONESHOP P P C Cement SUB'S (PTY) LTD Solarhart Maun Mahalapye English Medium School COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SYSTEM & DESIGN BERNINA SEW AND KNIT PETS PARADISE Case Heavy Equipment - Mechanised Farming C K & M M ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD Orion Insurance Ag B J Builders (pty) Ltd DELTA RAIN AGENCIES Lilly Of The Valley Day Care Centre & Pre-school Afroworld Impex Airtechs (pty) Ltd Penrich Employee Benefits Kgwebo Management Consultants Penrich Employee Benefits Savells Gabane Brickmaker Motheo Apartments D H L Express M B B Construction Diesel Services & Parts (pty) Ltd Desert Motel Phoenix Mines BERMURDAR CASH LOANS Sefalana Cash & Carry Tony Ventre (pty) Ltd Botswana Couriers CHIT CHRISTIAN Oak Service Works SHIBAO HOLDINGS BOTSWANA POLICE SERVICES Spintex Spinning Mills (see Pooma Botswana (pty) Ltd) Binos Security Botschem Pharmacy (pty) Ltd Dewet Drilling Fleet Line Graphics U T I A K B Wholesalers K N N Service Centre One Morning Ltd Maun Wholesale Harvey World Travel Gaborone U P S Deebe Motor Spares R T M Soil Testing Laboratory (pty) Ltd Raso Hardware And Engineering TSHIPANE POULTRY FARM Central Endeavours Federal Express WHINSTONE ENTERPRISES A B Investments G/dealer C N C Management Services Mmasomi Guest Rooms Bene Chemicals (pty) Ltd Car And General Equipment T/a The Tyre Shop GREEN ROSES BAKERY NWAKO'S PANEL BEATING & SPRAY PAINTING Seven Hills Traders Botswana Co-operative Union Prosperus & Devine Investment EADAN AGENCIES Savuti Security Services HUKUNTSI SUB DISTRICT COUNCIL EAGLE AGENCIES (PTY) LTD Makoro Poultry And Dairy ASA BUREAU RICHBURD MOTORS PLASPICMAC Urban Zebra Tees Ratan Foods FANYANA FISH TSHOFELONG CATHOLIC CHURCH THE EVANGELIST CHRISTIAN NEWSPAPER Karcher Cleaning Equipment Repairs & Service BOTSHELO MEDICAL CENTRE ADDANKI DR GEETHA MARIE BOWKER AGENCIES (PTY) LTD SUPA-NGWAO MUSEUM Retail Apparel Botswana K LESETEDI AGREEMENT R M A SERVICE CENTRE Hollywood Household Supplies (botswana) (pty) Ltd Repro Scan German Development Service drngabi Cheetah Electrical (pty) Ltd Botswana Police Maxiprest Highridge English Medium Primary School Chevron Security Services SSI ENGINEERS AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS (PTY) LTD Binos Security MENS SANA MEDICAL CENTRE LE ROUX HL AND SONS COWBURN ISHERWOOD AND ASSOCIATES Ellerines Furnishers WISE INVESTMENT Motor World Stenographix (pty) Ltd Sunbeam Academy Sebanana Ecoadventure M R W Specialist Services Peace Maker General Dealer Bar And Butchery TECHMORE SERVICE Thosige Car & Furniture Welcome Cash N Carry T/a Mamun Investments MANYANA MULTIPURPOSE CO-OP Master Tyre Distributors Bamas (pty) Ltd Power Systems SKYSCRAPPERS INSTANT TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD Non Formal Education Mega Pave Daily Print GRANT ROBERT EAST Thab Signs KWENENG SOUTH EAST PARLIAMENTARY OFFICE Crown Logistics BOITUMELO ENTERPRISES Engen Mogoditshane KOKETSO VOCATIONAL COLLEGE INPUTS BOTSWANA (PTY) LTD Clean All Services (pty) Ltd Dana Restaurant (pty) Ltd BIG HOUSE LIQUOR F C Z Timbers OLITHA'S FUNERAL (PTY) LTD Skylab Pharmacy (pty) Ltd BROADHURST METAL WORKS Mr Ice D S V G THE HIGH COURT OF BOTSWANA The Kit Group Spectragraphics (pty) Ltd A To L Taxi Cab MAC & ARO CONS DESIGN Aftec Estates Nature Care Marketing CONSULTING AND TRAINING Dick's D Properties Bookworld Bathusi Travel SPECTRUM AVIATION SERVICES Those Moments Tech City Marang Butchery And Fresh Produce DADA'S CASH STORE Ministry Of Education (dvet.) TUMELO & SONS DRY CLEANERS FRANCISTOWN AIR BRAKES Shocks & Exhaust Fitment Centre Waste Recovery Systems S V G Furnishers Flames Ghantsi Grand Guest House G A B Z Fm 96.2 Penrich Insurance Brokers SEMPHETE SMALL GENERAL DEALER Botswana Insurance Fund Management PEST ERADICATORS Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Center of South Tampa J J MOTORS Bakeman GABORONE CITY COUNCIL CLINIC TSHOLOFELO Ministry Of Health - Health Hub Sole Shoes BOTLHALE INVESTMENT M B A Refrigeration Engineering IMZI MOTORS LENTSWE LA OODI PRODUCERS GRUNWALDS CONSTRUCTION (PTY) LTD TURNER & TOWNSEND AFRICA C S C & E C (pty) Ltd FRANCISTOWN RECORDS CENTRE LOTSANE BUTCHERY Harvest Enterprises FESTON (PTY) LTD WESTERN DEPARTMENTAL STORE DOLPHIN INVESTMENTS Hendersons (pty) Ltd N T Y Botswana (pty) Ltd Paledi Morrison Partnership MARANYANE SMALL GENERAL DEALER M K SERVICES RAMOTSWA CENTRE FOR DEAF EDUCATION Grill Master Tai Pan Fast Food SEDUAH ACCOUNTING Molapo Medical Centre (dr Mudili) STOGOLO MILLING Hong Wei Import & Export (pty) BERRYBUSH Evolution Engineers (pty) Ltd Gaditshwenye Supermarket (pty) Ltd Shurise Motors Danna Restaurant (pty) Ltd Pick "n" Trade Wholesalers J L F Mech Services J T B (BOTSWANA) (PTY) LTD Pandamatenga Supermarket Skyways Travel TSWANA DAIRY (PTY) LTD Q R Pharmacy Jomaf Hiring Services Botswana International University Of Science & Technology Incledon Industrial Suppliers C2 Education Carrollton NIZAMS BOTSWANA FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS OPEN BAPTIST CHURCH MEDINA CHICKENS Haskins J & Sons MEGA SIZE COMPUTER COLLEGE Passies Lines Broadbase Engineering SUPERSTAR WORKSHOP JWANENG ELLERINES Letsopa Cjss Rafficks Auto Electrical (pty) Ltd Coin Botswana Coppier Kanye Afrox TIM KATHURIMA CONSULTING The Bed Center Jayem Drilling Thothoza Laundry Services Central Auto And Repairs Motor Vehicle Insurance Fund 5 M (pty) Ltd Beverly Blinds (pty) Ltd Khudu Motse Setso TRANS EVERGREEN C & C Afmac (pty) Ltd RED WING SHOES Aganall Consultancy DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING & ENGINEERING SERVICE Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board Sheet Metal Services (pty) Ltd Maxiprest Tyres Acuity (pty) Ltd RAMOTSWA DISTRIBUTORS Online Botswana Tie Du Guest House Build International T/a A M Steel Society Of The Divine World Loveson Enterprises Botswana Postal Services B S Quicksilva Kanye Gas Mart PREMIER PRINTERS & BUSINESS CONSULTANTS Major Drilling Botswana Gaborone Bolts And Tools TINKLE INVESTMENTS Amber Software (pty) Ltd Kays Consultancy & Secretarial Services Material Testing Services Monyadi Bridal TOPS GENERAL DEALER MAURITIUS TRADING CO (PTY) LTD AUTOMOTIVE TRADES TECHNICAL COLLEGE S S B Investments Beares Furnishers NETSYNC (PTY) LTD Siemens (pty) Ltd L J WHYLE BOTSWANA (PTY) LTD Maun Restaurant Camphill Furniture Chobe Brigades Development Trust P I Construction (pty) Ltd Edutoys THAMAGA SUBORDINATE LAND BOARD SUNNYSIDE VDC Rathedi Brick Moulding DESTINATION SOUTH (PTY) LTD Tshidi Guest House YOUNG VENTURES World University Service Of Canada DR KGOSIDIILE AND SONS TOPLINE LOBATSE 1 THE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Motimalenyora Restaurant K G MONEY CENTRE CASH LOANS Water Utilities Corporation PEP HOLDINGS BOTSWANA Medicare Pharmacy Nampol Vocational Training Centre Kanye Hospital ORAPA ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD CHICO'S PANELBEATERS MODI INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD MAKOME FILLS FARM RURAL INDUSTRIES PROMOTIONS Taurus Battery Sefalana Palapye STUMP VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE Water World ITSOSENG P S S Peaches Pumpco BOTSWANA BANK EMPLOYEES UNION City Refrigeration (pty) Ltd S AND M PHONESHOP A K Marketing Consultants (pty) Ltd Freeway Driving School QUICK-CASH SEROWE / PALAPYE SUB DISTRICT SEROWE ABBATOIR DEPT SOCIAL SERVICES Unicon Fencing Contractors Tshesebe Concrete Products Star Bookshop EAGLESTAR PRIVATE SCHOOL NURSERY AND DAY CARE Barolong Vocational Training Centre General Construction Maswibiluli Bus Service Electrical Reticulation Systems (pty) Ltd SQUALIZ INVESTMENT ST JOHN'S APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF PROPHECY Truck Africa EXECUGOLD SERVICES (PTY) LTD B T C (training) Sypol Investments Starpack Distributors System Automation SQUIRES (PTY) LTD MANTSORO'S PHOTO-LAB Air Botswana Tshabari Construction Burial Insurance Global Broadband Solution JET 3 FRANCISTOWN J B B (pty) Ltd Poly-chemist Real Time Solutions (pty) Ltd Shell Oil Botswana (pty) Ltd NANSO (PTY) LTD Pharmaplus Pharmacy Keyabatho Cash 'n Carry ROOTS INVESTMENT (PTY) LTD MATSHELO CASH LOANS Mabiza Plant Hire Ceda Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency Barclays Bank SPRINGBOK (PTY) LTD T/A DUMELA TRADING CENTRE Little Genius Pre School Fairground Filling Station SOUTHERN QUEST (PTY) LTD Choppies Distribution Centre (pty) Ltd Mhago Building Construction (pty) Ltd Tyre World Japanese Used Cars Exporter l Kosei Boeki Planet Lodge (pty) Ltd MAKWAPA INVESTMENTS Spar Headquarters Botswana Life Insurance ALL CHEESE BOTSWANA Sam Associates (pty) Ltd Humpty Dumpty Nursery School LOBATSE POST OFFICE Sureboss Print & Copy Shop KENRAMO INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD Jwaneng Pioneer Pharmacy Cash Bazaar (pty) Ltd Disolis Building & Civil Constructors (pty) Ltd Babic Holdings (pty) Ltd B & G Hardware Sherwood Ranch Filling Station Stanbic Bank Botswana Ltd Stocks And Stocks Botswana Postal Services Extas Computers (pty) Ltd Seaty Park Investments (pty) Ltd T/a Biscuit King Bergstan (pty) Ltd Databit Botswana Phikwe Industrial Metal Pressings NALEDI MOTORS - FRANCISTOWN Thusanang Advice Resource MR CASH Engineering Profile Urban Gear JARITAS CAFE ABBA PHARMACEUTICALS Dezzo Roofings Opticals Botswana Starke Ayres (pty) Ltd SOLE SHOES MALL Robert And Son's Workshop COMMUNICATIONS, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, MINISTRY OF A SESIKWE Taj Fitment Centre And Spares National Drug Quality Control Laboratory Fizzy Fruit Kalego Business Services Regional Revenue Steers Broadhurst Sefalana Kasane Kwena Fashion Autopanel And Hydraulics Motor Vehicle Accident Fund Autobrake Mmadithoto Trading Company Town House Pools Cleaning Services Botswana (pty) Ltd Skye Charter (pty) Ltd Thebe Records Company L BADENHURST New Horizons English Medium Pre-school Daheng Group Botswana (pty) Ltd BAR AND BOTTLE STORE (COOPERATIVE CONSUMERS) Rubeered Trends (pty) Ltd ROCCA PANEL BEATERS (PTY) LTD MAALOSO PHONE SHOPS Tyre Services Fezi Investments BOTETI SUB-DISTRICT COUNCIL Berak Motors Engineering MATERIAL INVESTIGATION CENTRE Third Millenium Food Products (pty) Ltd Battery Centre BAAMBAZANGU STORE Delta Dairies (pty) Ltd Engen Charleshill Barclays - Industrial Branch BOSOM CONSULTANCE Volvo Gaborone Institute Of Professional Studies St James Pre School Monarch Engineering (pty) Ltd Central Hardware GABORONE NORTH CONSTITUENCY OFFICE Maja Enterprises (pty) Ltd BELGIAN CONSULATE U B Convience Store BOTSWANA COFFINS AND FUNERAL UNDERTAKERS Spar Delta ADAM PAWN SHOP Dr DDN NSEREKO AGRI ENTERPRISES Meloney Cash & Carry BOTSWANA TEACHER'S UNION Trellidor Naledi General Dealer VIVO BOTSWANA (PTY) LTD G45 MASITARA INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD Hoisting Solutions Botswana Crane Hire CITY OF FRANCISTOWN Gills Fresh Produce (pty) Ltd Costa Construction Sankuyo Tshwaraqano Management Trust Community Service (police) I C L Botswana BAISAGO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (A LICENCE COLLEGE OF UNISA) Standard Chartered Bank Botswana Ltd G M S Electronics Specialty Stores T/a Mr Price V & T General Dealer (pty) Ltd PREMIER SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING & COMMERCE Tri-flex Solutions BUSH TELEGRAPH GABORONE CITY COUNCIL PARKS Sefalana Cash & Carry Head Office UNIVERSITY OF BOTSWANA Jotimes Tutume Mcconnell Senior Secondary School Moolman Mining NORTHERN DEALERS (PTY) LTD ACTS CONSULTANTS (PTY) LTD C B Stores PROGRESSIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY

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