Local Sales Obstacle Discovery Targets: Madagascar

This page shows SalesSalvage's 10,671 local sales obstacle discovery targets of this area both in map and names. You can change the area or category by clicking here.

  What is a Sales Obstacle?   Why do Sales Obstacles matters?  
  A sales obstacle is the reason people who considered buying something from you decided not to complete their purchase.   Another important statistical fact is that, on average, only 0.5% of web site visitors turn into sales leads. Only 25% of online store shopping carts are checked out for actual purchases. The same applies to online stores, other premises, and to online products.  
  Your organization will keep on losing sales -- even from thousands of potential buyers, and perhaps for many years, until your sales obstacle is removed.   Every organization always has multiple times more people that are 'just browsing' than who will turn their intention to buy into a completed purchase.  

Discover and fix the reasons why you are losing sales and you can quickly and effectively increase your sales by converting more non-buyers into actual buyers.

gov.mg orange.mg bni.mg blueline.mg lagazette-dgi.com impots.mg banque-centrale.mg telma.mg tresorpublic.mg pmu.mg telma.net cnaps.mg tag-ip.com univ-toliara.mg HOTEL RESTAURANT CHEZ GREGOIRE Hotel Arinofy HOTEL LAVASOA HOTEL PALACE Annexe Patel Hotel HOTEL COCO PLAGE HOTEL NEW CONTINENTAL IARIVO HOTEL TOLY HOTEL TRANSIT DIATEL C/O HOTEL DIAMANT Anjajavy-L Hotel CENTRAL HOTEL TANA Hotel Colbert Hotel Benjamin MADAHOTEL HOTEL BLANC VERT Hotel Ato Amintsika HOTEL RESTAURANT VOANIVOLO Sunny Hotel Sambava Hotel Amarina HOTEL RESTAURANT ETOILE ROUGE Hotel Le Bateau Ivre Hôtel Le Logis Hotel Du Vieux Baobab Le Paradisier SOCIETE HOTELIERE DE TAMATAVE Princess Du Lagon Home Madagascar «projets Immobiliers - Residence Hôteliere» Hotel La Marina RESTAURANT LE SAINT-GERMAIN (HOTEL DU LOUVRE) HOTEL SHALIMAR Hotel Avana Hotel Bustori Angelito Soanambo HOTEL RESTAURANT ZAZOU LE RETRAIT SNACK HOTEL HOTEL RESTAURANT «LA BALEINE» Anjara Hotel Colbert Madiro Hotel De France Siceh Hotel De La Pergola PRESTIGE HOTEL MIRAHOTEL A PISCINE HOTEL SIT/SOCIETE INTERNATIONALE DE TOURISME SARL HOTEL TATO APPART'HÔTEL Hotel Des Thermes HOTEL VOLAMAZAVA HOTEL RESTAURANT LE RECIF Hotel Belle Vue Diego SABIRALI HOTEL NEW HOTEL HOTEL TOMBONTSOA ESPADON HOTEL Hotel Imperial Hotel Antsanitia Resorts Hotel Resto-mamisoa Hotel Aux Bougainvillees Hotel Ibis Palissandre Hotel Et Spa HOTEL RESTAU. LE JASMIN ANTOINE Hotel Le Carat HOTEL SHANTI Hotel Espace Alia Hotel Golden Night Hotel Restaurant Antongil Calypso Hotel Hotel La Belle Plage HOTEL RESTAURANT LE RELAIS NORMAND Société Hotelière du Nord HOTEL RESTAURANT AUBERGE D’ALSACE Hotel Eht Hotel Iarivo Hotel Berny HOTEL ORCHIDEE FANJAVA HOTEL RESTAURANT NY HOTELIKO Sole Hotel HOTEL RIVIERA Orchid Hotel HOTEL RESTAURANT TROPIC HOTEL Hotel Paradis Du Nord HOTEL DE LA MER Hotel Dauphin Bleu HOTEL LE MERIDIAN Royal Beach Hotel Hotel Capricorne HOTEL MIHARISOA R.G Hotel Corail Noir Orchidea Beach Ii Hotel MADIRO-HOTEL HOTEL RESTAURANT FARIHY Hotel Austral Palissandre and Spa HOTEL FIHAVANANA La PISCINE HOTEL Hotel Ic Hotel Antsaha Hotel Espadon Note Bleue Park Hotel HOTEL LA CASCADE DU ROVA HOTEL LES BOUCANIERS HOTEL FANDRIANTSARA SOFITRANS HOTEL DES THERMES Khenad Houssen Noor Hotel Hotel Les Bougainvilliers HOTEL RESTAURANT LA BELLE PLAGE Hotel Diamant Hotel Restaurant La Ribaudiere LE LAC HOTEL RESTAURANT BUNGALOWS HOTEL CENTRE RECREATIF ABBA HOTEL TSY MANAVAKA L Heure Bleue Hotel Chez Maggie Hotel Anakao Hotel Restaurant La Belle Vue Chez Lemasoa 2000 Doany Beach LE CENTRAL HOTEL SOCIETE HOTELIERE D’AMBONARA NOSY BE HOTEL MAG'DJO HOTEL HOTEL RESTAURANT NIAVO Hotel Carrefour Hotel Le Paletuvier AVANA HOTEL Hotel Le Jardin Du Roy Hotel Hermitage Hotel Diego Ambassador HOTEL NID D’AIGLES Vanila Hotel and Spa Hotel La Residence CHANTY BEACH HOTEL Dauphin Bleu GRANDS HOTELS DE MADAGASCAR MADAGASCAR SARL Hotel Central HOTEL LE PANORAMA HOTEL RESTAURANT LAMBERT Manda Beach Hotel Hotel Baboo Village Hotel Des Tropiques Anjara Hotel NADIA HOTEL RESTAURANT Hotel Bellevue SOCIETE HOTELIERE DE L’ERMITAGE HOTEL TOUR MANIA HOTEL CAPRICORNE / HOTEL LAKANA HOTEL VANILA NIRINA HOTEL RESTAURANT SIFAKA HOTEL - CLOS SEMILLON Emeraude Hotel Restaurant HOTEL RESTAURANT TANTELY RAMAHATAFANDRY R R Hotel Anjary BALAFOMANGA HOTEL HOTEL BARRACUDA HOTEL VOANIO AINA HOTEL SARL Central Hotel Hotel TAJ Hotel Tanamasoandro ARINOFY HOTEL Hotel Au Gentil Pecheur HOTEL GREGOIRE LA ROTONDE L’AQUARIUM Loharano Hotel Ora Resort HOTEL TANA PLAZA (GROUPE SICEH) Vanila GRAND HOTEL HOTEL LE DAUPHIN Le Dauphin Azura Hotel & Spa HOTEL BAR RESTAURANT LE RAGOULY RADAR HOTEL Hotel Le Hintsy La Residence Du Rova Complex Hotelier Soafia HOTEL ATAFANA JEANNETTE NOEL Hotel Le Jardin Exotique SUNNY HOTEL HOTEL LE RELAIS DES TROPIQUES HOTEL SALEMAKO GIS HOTEL Hotel Carlton HOTEL RESTAURANT SARAH HOTEL LE RELAIS DES PISTARDS HOTEL RESTAURANT BELLEVUE VANILA HOTEL HOTEL LIONEL HOTEL RESTAURANT LYCHNIS Hotel Glacier Hôtel Atafana HOTEL GALAXY VOHEMAR National Hotel ISORAKA HOTEL HOTEL ORCHIDEE CHEZ NAPOLEON HOTEL LAKANA Ivotel Hotel De La Tourterelle MARINA HOTEL SAPHIR HOTEL Hotel Fanjava Relais Des Plateaux HOTEL RESTAURANT BIAINA III Le Grand Mellis Hotel & Spa NATHALIE HOTEL FLM SELECT HOTEL Du Louvre Hotel Espace Dera Epicerie Escale Hotel HOTEL TINA HOTEL RESTAURANT VOVO TELO Ibis Antananarivo IMPERIAL HOTEL Hotel Ivotel Hotel Baobab Cafe Hotel Espace Maeva LE HINTSY HOTEL DE L’IKOPA Hotel Firdoss HOTEL MIHARY Hotel Eden Sidi Domaine De Lokobe CYBERCAFE DIAMANT C/O HOTEL DIAMANT Anjary Hotel Air Hotel MANORO HOTEL Hotel Gregoire La Rotonde L'aquarium HOTEL WHITE PALACE Hotel Chez Alain GROUPE L’HOTEL Hotel Lac HOTEL OCEANE HOTEL RESTAURANT LE RELAX Hotel Ivato TAJ HOTEL HOTEL RESTAURANT SAKAMANGA IMERINA HOTEL LEONG HOTEL LEONG HOTEL Hotel Mahamanina Atafana Hotel HOTEL BAR RESTAURANT BELLEVUE HOTEL RESTAURANT SHANGAI Hotel Bonsai HOTEL LA CASA HOTELS LES COCOTIERS TANA HOTEL HOTELS “VILLA FANY” HOTEL SOAFYTEL PARINE-HOTEL Hotelerie Le Masoandro Hotel Ecolodge Camp Catta Hotel Le Grand Large HOTEL PLAZZA INN SELECT HOTEL FLM SOAFIA HOTEL HOTEL RAVINALA Hotel Beau Rivage Hotel Belle Vue Hotel-restaurant La Vanille Hotel Hasina Hotel Albatros HOTEL HORTENSIA Hotel Restaurant Delices Hotel La Residence Lapasoa Hotel Aina HOTEL CASILLA HOTEL MANDA BEACH HOTEL VOLAVITA Palissandre Cote Ouest Resort & Spa MEVA PLAGE HOTEL Hotel Hyppocampo Hotel Baobab MAYMOUNE HOTEL Le Nepenthes Hotel Hotel Espace Concerto Masoandro Lodges Hotel L'astauria Hotel Le Tropik Hotel Ambary Hotel Kavitaha Hotel Grand Hotel HOTEL NADO Verger Et Cie Hotel HOTEL RESTAURANT MINI-CROQ HOTEL SNACK SYMPA & INFOCOM FEON’NY ALA HOTEL HOTEL YLANG YLANG Baba Voyage Hotel Tour Operateur Hotel Arotel HOTEL BEL AIR (ex. FONTSY) HOTEL LE TOAMASINA Hilton Madagascar GLORY HOTEL Hotel Carlton Madagascar HOTEL MINI-CROQ HOTEL RESTAURANT MAHATOKY ANTSAHA COMPLEXE HOTELIER D’ANTSIRABE Kimony Resort Hotel HOTEL RESTAURANT DERA Hotel Le Colbert Du Mesgnil Diengente (grande Hotel) Les Trois Metis Guest House La Pineta Hotel Restaurant LE HINTSY HOTEL DE L'IKOPA Hotel Au Rendez Vous Des Pecheurs Amarina Hotel Ora Resort IDEAL HOTEL HOTEL LIBERTALIA HOTELIERE ET TOURISTIQUE DE MADAGASCAR NOUVEL HOTEL Allamanda Hotel HOTEL RESTAURANT NISHATE HOTEL ROGER Sunny Hotel Antananarivo Hotel Chanty Beach HOTEL LA MER HOTEL JUPITER NALUGARO HOTEL HOTEL ORCHIDEE DE L’ISALO Hotel Lambert HOTEL LA PIROGUE Société Hôtelière ROVA HOTEL MANANARA STATION SERVICE SHELL Hotel Ifaty Beach Club Hotel Eden Le Grand Hotel hôtel IKOTEL Aparthotel Radama House HOTEL MELROSE HOTEL PACIFIQUE Colbert Hotel Hotel de France MAJUNGA Tana Plaza Hotel Hotel Restaurant Larche De Noe HOTEL RESTAURANT DARAFIFY Hotel Le Galaxi Tropic Hotel Hotel Emeraude S.a.e.h (societe D'amenagement Et D'exploitation Hoteliere) Hotel Niaouly HOTEL LES FLAMBOYANTS Royal Beach Hotel Le Grand Bleu Hotel Abud Hotel Plazza Hotel Domaine Manga Be INTH (INSTITUT NATIONAL DE TOURISME ET D’HOTELLERIE) Elimalala Suzane (hotel D'ihosy) Malaky Hotel Vazimba Hotel HOTEL LE SAINT LAURE hôtel MAHAYANA SHARANGI TRECICOGNE HOTEL HOTEL KISMAT HOTEL KARTHALA SAVA HOTEL HOTEL LE GLACIER Tamboho HOTEL MOONLIGHT MAROTIA HOTEL Sokela Hotel Java Hotel HOTEL SOANAMBO Hotel Belle Vue HOTEL RESTAURANT LES ARCADES Hotel Karibotel HOTEL CENTRAL HOTEL HOTEL SALAMA ROSE HOTEL LE CHALET Hotel Solymar Hotel Ilay & Compagnie Hotel La Muraille De Chine Hotel Amigo Hotel Biaina Iii MORAMORA HOTEL Sunny Hotel Majungle Hotel Restaurant Le Baobab HOTEL RESTAURANT LE GALAXI HOTEL LE TRIANON Hotel La Rascasse Guest House Les 3 Metis Hotel Anjara Grand IVATO HOTEL Hotel Du Louvre Cristal Hotel Princesse Bora Louvre PALM HOTEL Kintana Beach Resort & Spa HOTEL RAVAKA La Residence D Ankerana GRAND HOTEL VATOMANDRY HOTEL RESTAURANT LE TOURNESOL Hotel La Piscine Amigo Hotel HOTEL PACIFIC HOTEL LE PARADISIER Hotel Le Lac Hotel De La Plage Hotel SORATEL HOTEL MERCURY AVIAVY HOTEL HOTEL VAVATE AUSTRAL HOTEL Vanivola Hotel De France Hotel La Varangue Hotel Safari Vezo Hotel Restaurant Violette HOTEL RAPHIA AMBATONAKANGA “LE JARDIN DU RAPHIA” Hotel Bamboo Club Hotel Calypso HOTEL RESTAURANT MIHARISOA R.G. Ixora Hotel Hotel Le Recif Hotel Hilton HOTEL LE JUNGLE VILLAGE Hotel Aviavy Hotel Du Phare Hotel Imerina HOTEL PANGALANES Hotel Espadon Nosy Be HOTEL DIAMANT 10 HOTEL RESTAURANT TROPIC VILLAGE Hotel Andilana Beach ABUD HOTEL RADAMA HOTEL ANITA HOTEL RESTAURANT GRAND HOTEL DU LOUVRE L’ETAPE HOTEL IC HOTEL MADAGASCAR Hotel Belle Rose Hotel G & V Inn HOTEL LE DAUPHIN “TABLE D’HÔTE CHEZ NARI” HOTEL SALARY BAY HOTEL RESTAURANT MEHRANE Hotel Resto Astral Hotel Chez Mouna HOTEL LE PARADIS DU NORD L’HOTEL MELLIS Sorafa Hotel Les Hautes Terres Hotel HOTEL CHEZ CLEMENTINE S.A.R.L» Hotel Cotsoyannis Amarina Hotel HOTEL LE GLACIER BAR RESTAURANT Société Immobilière et Commerciale d'Entreprise Hotélière (SIC Mangily Solidaire LE LAC HOTEL HOTEL LES ROCHES ROUGES HOTEL MAHATSANGY Hotel Isoraka HOTEL RESTAURANT EMMANUELLA Hotel Coco Lodge HOTEL MOONLIGT L’HOTEL MERCURY HOTEL RESTAURANT FIAN-TSILAKA Ravintsara Wellness KING’S LODGE / HOTEL LE PANORAMA MAD’HOTEL HÖTEL SAVANNA CAFE HOTEL RESTAURANT ESPADON Nosy Be & Spa HOTEL DOLA Hotel Le Jean Laborde Hotel De La Poste carlton.mg univ-fianar.mg businessmag.mg onn.mg aefe.net edl.mg entreprisejj-mada.mg cem.mg network.mg auximada.com mass-in.mg meuble-madagascar.com init.mg semigany.mg bonnet-fils.com cntemad.mg primature.gov.mg newpack.mg kargaland.com allo511.mg stmb.mg cashmere-inc.org ong-admonline.net interpharma.co magicmultimedia.mg iblgroupmada.com smda.mg freenet.mg omh.mg cotona.com jovenna.mg fleetlive.mg presidence.gov.mg bricolage-madagascar.com lequotidien.mg pirbay.net micromania.mg finderonline.net mgix.mg malagasy.com gulfsat.fr carltonmadagascar.com vivetic.fr elecgi.com freedsl.mg madanews.com wcsmad.org zehome.org mail.gov.mg extranet-madagascaroil.net ts.mg pamf.mg ceni-madagascar.mg tom.mg groupemaimoon.com pagesjaunes.mg ambatovy.mg mate.mg 2mi.mg madatrade.com lexel.mg unicecam.mg widetrade.net bbs.mg madagascarportal.org gulfsat.mg sas-mg.biz fao.mg jumboscore.mg pshp-mada.org vivetic.mg newpack.com massin.mg lerelais.mg sneda.mg omert.mg stta.mg renault.mg madamonitor.com wide.mg bip.mg cmaconseil.com imax.mg madraw.xyz madtexrecycling.com Bungalow Yvonna Cabinet D'expertise Comptable Fivoarana Tlt Gamo Ocean Indien Art Mada Export Serv Prudent VEL' OPTIC STATION SERVICE VALASOA Lucienne Mariage ORCHISLYS SARL CLUB INFORMATIQUE S A R L Razanakoto Francois RATSIMBAHARIMANANA SIMONE RAZAFIARISON DIANE F. LA HAUTE PIZZA La VARANGUE Emrad La Lettre Confidentielle Mutuelle d'Assurances Malagasy ENTREPRISE CIA (Entreprise de Construction ImmobiliEre et AmEnagement) Clinique Et Maternite D'anosibe Egecic Construction RASOANASOLO SIMONE LE VOYAGEUR sarl BAR ESCALE Quality Wood Maersk Line Ftl Madahazo Tsara Station Service Total Afiafy U P S Maison Peres Monfortains BUCAS ECAR CARITAS DIOSECE SODIBUR RADERANDRAIBE NIRINANDRASANA H. Ecole Papoose Brasseries Star Madagascar OMNITEC CENTER SARL SOCIETE CASTELLO MOTEL SOCIETE P.I.M. ECOLE ANNE MARIE JAVOUHEY Vet Clinic SOCIETE TAMADISTRIBUTION Sarl Nch Change RAKOTOARIVONY JOSEPH HENRI EAGLE OF THE PARADISE ISLAND BIBLIOMAD FAST ETABLISSEMENTS KAMBANA ALPHATEK INFORMATIQUE PALLADIO’S Ambohimalaza ECAR IRAY AINA RAKOTOARIMANANA MICHEL Master Comm Vingt Sur Vins MADA CHANGE Filature Et Tissage De Madagascar BEAUTE HYGIENE SANTE BHYS KING’S LODGE E Car Solutions SOCIETE MALAKY VOYAGES BUREAU MUNICIPAL D’HYGIENE ANNEXE Cite Bachemad Ambassade D'egypte BOINA ‘S LAB Chandarana & C° OTTAVI BRUNO Dinec Tecnoalarm Ballou SOCIETE SILAC SOCIETE SONOCO SMIIM FAZILEABASSE FARIDA Societe Ramanandraibe Export La Cotonniere D'antsirabe Cnaps Sbm ALLSPORT Madagascar National Parks - Fianarantsoa A FA FI (Andrin’ny FAmbolena sy FIompiana) CIAM LIBRE-SERVICE COMARINE SARL CONSTRUCTION NAVALE Loterie De Madagascar EZOUDINE RESTAURANT CHEZ Mme CHABAUD ECOLE PRIVEE LA CLAIREFONTAINE DUBOIS JEAN CLAUDE ARCHITECTE Escame Secaline Le Direct Sonatra Des Parents D'eleves Du College Francais Omit FANJAS GUEST HOUSES Tmv Trano Sorak Getim Madagascar SOCIETE LIBERTALIA Coordination Du Menrs/madere A La Direseb Capr Paoma Dir De La Strategie Du Dev Et De L'inter Ambovombe Androy Comptoir Goulamaly Validjee Cnaps Maroantsetra Intrachem C/o Gamo Centre Hospitalier De Reference Regional De Farafangana Intrachem L’EDEN RESTAURANT Akanin'ny Mpianatra Zazalahy DIFFUSION TELEMATIQUE SOCIETE ROLAND ELYSEE ET COMPAGNIE SARL Savonnerie Fitiavana C.M.H. Sarl PROGECOM Tranombarotra FATEMI K-RA Madagascar ASSOCIATION HERIMIRAY (ERCCO) SIBAM Leong Transport Pharmacie Ravinala Maksimum Security Soeurs Sacre Coeur Pere Noi Cereda Guy Hoquet Samm (societe D'acconage Et De Manutention De Madagascar) CENTRE DE BEAUTE FELINE Chan Foui Et Cie BIJOUTERIE VENUS Firozhoussen Et Freres CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN AND AGING OFFICE DU BAC SORACO INSTITUT ANNA PEGOVA TELEVISION MALAGASY SERVICE INFORMATION Centre National D'application Des Recherches Pharmaceutiques Plasmad SOCIETE JET SERVICE MARTIN PECHEUR Cia Provisuel Radio Tele Tamatave RAFIARENANA RATIARAY Societe De Transport Et De Terrassement D'antsirabe Stta Sds Urvis New Bazar Caisse D'epargne De Madagascar CLOVIS ARTHUR Sarl AUTO PIECES HAVANA LE MAROCAIN Centre Audio Visuel Fiavama ACADEMIE D’ENSEIGNEMENT MUSICAL PEINT'ART Banque Centrale De Madagascar Representant Territoriale PISCINE DE L’OCEAN INDIEN SOCIETE FRE Assurances Mama Patisserie Culin'art Quincaillerie Du Vakinankaratra MAGASIN SORAJ RESTAURANT BAR SAVANE CENDRILLON Station Service Total Anjilajila Station-service Total Sambirano ENTREPRISE MALGACHE DE CONSTRUCT Boa (bank Of Africa Madagascar) TERRE DES ENFANTS ECAR PAROISSE SAINT JOSEPH Bhl Madagascar RAKOTO LYDIA Projet De Soutien Au Developpement Rural Psdr Centre De Plongee Madauto Polygone It Service PHARMACIE MAHEFASOA SOCIETE SOGEMA Etablissement Transit Inter Aide Rasolonandrasana Hery SOUTH AFRICAN TRADE (SATPRO) SECOND FLOOR Ups Centre D'entre Aide Des Francais Prov. Mahajanga STATION-SERVICE MANANDAZA Aina CABINET DE FOUCAULT & A. Centre Medical Ambatomena ECAR PERES REDEMPTORISTES RAKOTOMANANA DANIELLE Garage Administratif Societe Immobiliere Karmaly SOCIETE SODIAMA High Technology Boulangerie Pain De Paris Menuiserie De La Grande Ile (mgi) Air Madagascar Agence GROUPE SOCOTA (Madagascar) S.A Black Pepper Madagascar Hopital Ppal (dle Rafaralalao) Computer Center Mic Project QUINCAILLERIE KINTANA Programme Sectoriel Transports Ebc EAS SERVICES Pointmg Madagascar Etude Ribard Et Sagot Nouvelle Brasserie De Madagascar Assomptionistes Sanfily Vendome Fi.mpi.ba.ma HATSO Achat Madagascar Cleanliness Of Madagascar RATOVELO ANDRIANTSITOHAINA ROGER Maison Solomaso Ismaldjy Hassakalyhoussenaly PROJET FFEM-BIODIVERSITE Someca MARITIME AGENCY SERVICES OF MADAGASCAR Car Center Walexport Canalsat : Boutique Canal + Pracces Eco-MS S.A.R.L Centre Medical Evangelique Maranata Procar Comptoir Fidahoussen Atebe Atelier Pan African Mining AGRIVET - MIZAMI Rira Paositra Malagasy Controleur Guichet ETABLISSEMENTS MANAMBATO SOMEXPA Entreprise Sagesse Station Service Total Volazara ILEVENT INSTITUT DE BEAUTE CHARLINE LALA CABINET INGENIEURS CONSULTANT Boulangerie Chaw SIMICRO DISTRIBUTION Kaliana Corporation STATION SERVICE FANJAVA Base Delta Sa SOCIETE INTERMAD SARL ASSOCIATION GRACE Mafrex SOCIETE ATELO Amd Bois Sarl PHARMACIE D’ANTARANDOLO TEKNETGROUP Teknet Group RAVAOARIMALALA GEORGETTE Newrest RANDRIANARIOELINA TSILAVO TODISOA RELIORA KANTO MALAGASY Sah Va GAZETY FAHAZAVANA Prorent Madagascar Cabinet 3a Madagascar Polyma Sainte Marie Tours QUINCAILLERIE MARO R A Z A F Y J U L I E T T E STATION SERVICE GALANA MALAZA Ctt Fthm Conseils OFF/AUTO/TVM SMCE FIFATAM ETABLISSEMENT DN Sopagri (dle Gerant) Compagnie Malgache De Manutention RDJ (Radio des Jeunes) Station Service Shell Kilandy Grain De Beaute IRELAND FRASER MADAGASCAR I F Crown Smem - Societe Malgache D'emballages Metalliques MADA SEO Briqueterie Tuilerie De Sabotsy Namehana QUINCAILLERIE EZZY Akbaraly & Kintana Fitsaboana Maso Madcourrier WHITE PALACE DINIKA INTERNATIONAL BIJOUTERIE EDWIN Inter Aide Agf Export Holcim Madagascar PHARMACIE HERIZO Henri Fraise Fils & Cie David Shop IMPORT-EXPORT RATOVOHERY TECHNOCHOC SARL ETABLISSEMENTS RAMANANDRAIBE EXPORT COLLEGE SAINT PIERRE CANISIUS R’IMBOSA (KALON’IMERINA) BIJOUTIER MADY ENTREPRISE GENERALE TRIVICO Modial Fitness HANDY SARL Rêves de Madagascar RANIVOARISOA LUCIE Mgi (menuiserie De La Grande Ile) Razanakolona GITE FAMILIALE Fitava Association Akamasoa Fcb Madagascar Hydelec Socimad Change PHARMACIE DU PANGALANA COURS DAKTIGRAFZ (BUR) SOCAMAD SARL I.F.P.E. (Institut de Formation et de Promotion d’Entreprises) Sicam RAOELISON PARFAIT L’ARTISAN FERRONNIER VAKANA TOURS Parrains De L'espoir Madagascar Teknet Group (direction Commerciale) Compagnie Madecasse MOTEL RESTOGASY Tama Impex Siriny Suzanne Madagascar Multi Services Corporate SOCIETE MADAGASCAR SECURITE Farida Magasin Karimia LINE Agence Promodim-imperial Tobacco Sipromad Dhl Express Eboons.net Assurance Ursae Minoris SALONE SA SME CANALSAT MADAGASCAR DIPROVEX ELUCE Boite A Bigoudis RODEO GRILL DE L’ANKARATRA RASENDRAHASINA AIME NOSY HARY FILS KOBAMA DIRECTION COMMERCIALE O-ZONE SARL PHARMACIE TIANA MBS TOLIARA BOOGIE PILGRIM SOCIETE HAZOVATO RAFANOMEZANTSOA STEPHANE Colis Express S.a Glace Minou SITRAM IMPRIMERIE DECODIF STYL’FOLIE Transport Leong Assurances Mama Salama Centrale D'achat De Medicaments Et Materiel Medical Poissonnerie Manda RAVELOMANANA HENRI FJKM ISALAMA Assurances Ny Havana RAKOTOBE ANDRIAMARO Gasynet (malagasy Community Network Services Sa) MANTA DIVE CLUB Archirar SOLIDARITE LAIQUE RAMBELOSOA ROGER EMILE Sorafa FACTORIES Industries De L'ocean Indien Pretres Dehoniens Mission Catholique TANAMASOANDRO MADAGASIKARA TRAJECTOIRE SARL Rizerie Razakamanana Service Medical Inter-entreprises De Mahajanga Smim Gtz Projet Polfor Ccc Consolidated Contractors Group Offshore SOCIETE ZIG ZAG MAINTENANCE DEXTER MAD SARL Satia RANO Tany Mena Tours Air Liquide Agence De Voyage Sun Travel Pecheries De Nosy Be Cyber Cafe Infocom STATION SERVICE JOVENNA LA DIGUE TENTATION DOUNGAR SIBTENALY ROAD HOUSE (RAOZINIRINA JEANNE) MCAR IMPORT-EXPORT SARL (SMIE) PLG Confection SOCIETE CENTER POINT MOTO-CYCLE-RAPIDE S.A.R.L. Crochat DUTILLIEUX INSURANCE Run Data System Madagascar 2 MI (Materiel & Maintenance Informatique) Nouvelle Exploitation Forestiere PAGINA LOCATION VIDEOPROJECTEUR ANTALAHA BUSINESS Touristique Immobiliere Diego (stid) Canalsat : Smar Colis Express S.a SPTS PHARMACIE D’AMPANDRANA SOCIETE RELAIS DES VOLCANS (PIERRE ARMAND) ATELIER FONDERIE D’AMBODITSIRY S.D.C. Agr.I. Sarl MADANORDSUD SOCIETE DE TRANSPORT ET DE TERRASSEMENT D’ANTSIRABE Ums Labo-meca RABODOARIVELO A L I C E LI CHEN CHE JEAN CLAUDE Eden S'TEAM Prescoi Servisys SMIE Sarl Continental Agrochimie Urcecam Bongolava Madagascar New Destination STOP AUTO Gersar Urcecam Tafita Sogea RALALARISOA VOLOLONIRINA LA CLAIREFONTAINE SEMINA (SOCIETE DES EAUX MINERAUX D’ANTSIRABE) 3e FTM Institut de géodegie et Hydrographique SAGOT LOUIS ANDRE Agence Centrale Immobiliere Frigota RAKOTONDRAMANANA BERNARD Chambres D'hotes 37°2 Menuiserie De La Grande Ile (mgi) Rimatex SOCIETE DE TRANSPORT FRET SERVICE Pharmacie Central Du Sud Business Services BFV-SOCIETE GENERALE College Privee Galo Junior Amsic Madagascar

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